Saturday, 6 July 2013

Pretty Flowers

Photography is a big part of my blog and I spend a lot of time taking thousands of photos. Not all of them are beauty/blog related though :) Roses in our garden started to bloom this week and they are absolutely beautiful. For some reason, flowers make me very happy and I always get excited to see them bloom. I put some of them in small vases to make the house look more summery and pretty and it gave me an excuse to take some photos. 

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine :) xo

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  1. Such a cute vase :) I love having fresh flowers around my house, makes me happy too :)

  2. Roses in jars is so simple but stunning! Great photos.


  3. Lovely :)

  4. Gorgeous! Hope you have a lovely weekend :)


  5. Aw those flowers are lovely. I love the first photo with the rose in the mirror, so pretty :)

    Kirsty xx
    Just Like Heaven

  6. I really love your photography, the flowers are so pretty!

  7. Ahhh it's so pretty! I love photos of Gerbia Daisies as well, I think they look beautiful!
    My blog – Cosmetics, clothes and cute things (:

  8. I LOVE your photography!!! It's so inspirational. :)


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