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Review: Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation and Concealer in Beige

"Used alone, the dewy-fresh fluid foundation feels as light as a feather on skin. Accompanied by a complimenting shade of creamy concealer under the mirrored lid, this is your perfect weapon to disguise either under-eye darkness or blemishes. The duo forms the perfect partnership, avoiding the chore of hunting down a match to your base. "

I always wanted to try this foundation and concealer duo from Daniel Sandler. I just love the packaging and it is such a clever idea to put the concealer in the lid. I am sure that it's been done before, but I am impressed anyway :)
There is also a little mirror in the lid - always a bonus! Once you unscrew the lid, you will notice that there is a small spatula attached to it. It helps to get the foundation out, without the need of pouring it onto your hand. Very handy!


I had really high expectations from the formula and I am not disappointed. I adore the radiant and flawless finish I can achieve with this product. It gives medium and dewy coverage and adds a gorgeous glow to my face. It feels very light on the skin and blends beautifully with a buffing brush or with fingers. If you want more coverage, I would recommend using a brush for applying it and adding a little bit of powder to set it. I noticed that the formula is very hydrating, so I love using it when my skin feels dry. I have normal/combination skin and without any primer or powder, the foundation lasted on me for over 6 hours.


It is very creamy and easy to blend. It looks much lighter than the foundation in the swatches, but once applied, it is a perfect match. I haven't noticed a lot of creasing, when I used it to conceal dark circles and it lasted for around 4 hours. I tried setting it with a translucent powder (Vichy Dermablend) to prolong wear and it lasted for 6 hours without fading. It doesn't cover dark circles completely, but it does a great job at making them less visible. It is perfect for camouflaging breakouts and imperfections.

Overall, I am very impressed and really like using this foundation. I would recommend it for those with dry and normal skin. I am not sure how it would work for oily skin types.

left-concealer, right-foundation
wearing the DS Invisible Radiance foundation and concealer in shade beige

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  1. It's so pretty! It is a brilliant idea to keep the foundation and concealer in the same package, though I'm sure one will run out before the other and that would get a little tricky! It seems like a really great product, thanks for sharing!

  2. This looks really nice, I love that it comes with its own concealer!

    Gillian from x

  3. I love how short and chubby the packaging looks (though I realize that's probably strange of me to say haha)! <3 And it really looks lovely on you :)


  4. Looks lovely on you, I like the packaging, nice quirky idea xx L

  5. Your skin looks flawless, this sounds like a lovely foundation. x

  6. Wow I love the idea of a duo product like this! SO handy for traveling :) the luminous coverage it gives is absolutely beautiful xx

  7. This looks so awesome on your skin! I love how their is a concealer in the top!


  8. I like this a lot and yes, the little mirror is always a bonus! :D
    Very pretty and unique and cool too!

  9. This looks gorgeous Sandra! Really pretty. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  10. could you tell me the ingredients it this foundation?:) I always check them before buying a foundation, but it seems I can't find this one's ingredients anywhere:(

  11. Could you please tell me its ingredients? I can't find the list anywhere:(
    thank you:) xoxo

    1. I am sorry, but I can't find the ingredients anywhere either. I am in the middle of moving house, so the foundation is in one of my storage boxes. I will make sure to check the packaging for you tomorrow. I think that the label on the bottom is a peel-off one and teh ingredients are listed underneath. x


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