Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Topshop bargain- Louise Gray Wave Machine Eye Cream Duo

"Cream eyeshadows. Blend onto eyelid. Build for more dramatic colour."

Ok, so I ordered this bargain from Topshop during my spending ban, but it was reduced to £1, so I just couldn't resist it. They had free delivery that day  as well :) Bargain! This duo is from the Louise Gray collection and the packaging really caught my eye. I've heard from other bloggers that the full Louise Gray range is reduced to £1-£3 in Topshop at the moment, so make sure to check it out if you get a chance. 

The Wave Machine duo consists of two cream eye colours: a peachy pastel pink and a pastel purple/lilac. 
Both are very pigmented and creamy and apply beautifully. One problem- just like all the other cream eye shadows I've tried before, they crease and settle into fine lines, but I love using them as a base for powder eye shadows. I will get a lot of use out of them in Spring, when I start to experiment with pastel makeup looks. I also tried the peachy shade as a blusher and it looks gorgeous! I expected the pots to be more fancy, but they are clear and simple. I am happy with the formula though, so it was a great buy!

The duo is still available to buy online for £1!!! 

Topshop Louise Gray Wave Machine Eye Cream Duo review
Topshop Louise Gray Wave Machine Eye Cream Duo review
Topshop Louise Gray Wave Machine Eye Cream Duo swatches

My exclusive February advertiser is Louise from Confessions Of a Secret Shopper


  1. the packaging is surprisingly simple, I would have expected it to be more fancy too! the pigmentation is really good though.

    i would love to see FOTDs with pastel colours because I would have no idea how to wear those kind of colours



  2. £1? Amazing! What lovely colours, great pigmentation too. Unfortunately they're not shades I'd wear myself but how perfect for Spring/Summer. Great heads up.

  3. I bought this too but haven't tried it yet. I've bought a couple of different bits of their makeup in store in the sale - things I wouldn't normally try but have done just because of the price. Great pigmentation, I'm really looking forward to using the lilac one as an eyeshadow base and might try the peach one as a blush like you!
    Rebecca-Louise - autumnleaves-x.blogspot.co.uk

  4. What a bargain! The colours are lovely, but I wouldn't know how to wear them either.
    They are much more pigmented than I expected too. Great find!


  5. Those colours are so pretty and just in time for spring too. For £1 I may have to pick some up myself. :D xxx

  6. Those colours are so pretty! Perfect for Spring - when it arrives! :)

    Kste x

    Fashbox Beauty Blog - Enter my Giveaway!

  7. i picked this up too when topshop had free delivery - for only £1, bargain! it arrived today and i haven't had the chance to test it out yet, glad to see that both are well pigmented :)

  8. these are beautiful! Wish I'd spotted these while I was in Topshop the other day.

    Emily Jane xo

  9. the colors are so cute!
    i so want them right now <3


  10. I picked up a cream blush duo (Up in the Air) from the Louise Gray collection for £3! I would never have paid the £12 it was normally, but now I absolutely love it! They're so pigmented and blend like a dream. I reviewed it on my blog if anyone is interested in seeing some swatches of it :)


  11. That is SUCH an amazing deal!!! Great purchase (even though the spending ban was in effect) and the colors look really really lovely; I hope to see some looks from you with these come spring time :)


  12. I was going to get these! and now i feel the need to! love the colours too!

  13. Amazing price!! The look like they'll be perfect for spring. Love your photos btw :)

    Nicola xo

  14. If only I wore these kinds of shades on my eyes! I guess this summer I'll have to be more daring!

    Amy | The Little Koala

  15. So so cute and pretty - what a fab price too! x

  16. every single time I go on the Topshop website I'm tempted to get these purely because they're £1 but I know I'll never use them! it's a shame I missed out on the Louise Gray cream blusher duo when it went on sale xxx

  17. OMG the purple one is amazing, so creamy, thanks so much for the tip!


  18. these are simply adorable colors, loved them all

  19. Wish they had these in Canada - Love the shades


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