Saturday, 23 February 2013

Review: Liz Earle Signature Eye Colour in shade 14- Chestnut

Liz Earle Signature Eye Colour - Chestnut £13.50

"Create strikingly beautiful eyes. Our lightweight formula has a natural skin affinity, making it easy to blend for a smooth, even finish that stays true and lasts. Enriched with our own natural source vitamin E. Available in 20 shades."
I got this gorgeous eye shadow with my Glamour magazine subscription. Well... I got the subscription, especially to get two Liz Earle products :) It was such a bargain. You know how much I love Liz Earle skincare and makeup. 

The shade I got is called Chestnut and it is a rich, shimmering dark brown. It is absolutely stunning, very pigmented and has lots of subtle shimmer running through it. I used it allover the lid to show you how it looks like. 
The shimmery particles reflect light beautifully and make this shade very unique. I haven't used it in a smokey eye look yet, but I am sure that it will look incredible, blended with nude and gold shades.  The formula is creamy and long lasting and doesn't settle in the crease. Used on it's own, the eye colour lasts on my eyelids all day. 
As per usual, I am very impressed with the quality of another Liz Earle product and I would highly recommend it. 
I really like the signature packaging, it is classy and  makes my makeup collection look a bit more grown up :) 
Unlike my pink princess makeup... haha. I just like to have a variety of brands to choose from.

My exclusive February advertiser is Louise from Confessions Of a Secret Shopper


  1. This colour is gorgeous! Never tried a Liz Earle eye shadow before but I would love to now! xx

  2. What a beautiful shade, it looks wonderful on you. Looks perfect for a night out.

  3. This colour is gorgeous! What mascara are you wearing here? Your lashes look stunning

    1. I am sorry lovely, but I can't remember what mascara I was wearing. I have 5 different ones on the go.

  4. Wow, this colour is stunning! It looks super pigmented too.

    I'd love to give the Liz Earle Eye Colours a go but I think they're a little expensive for me :(

    Laura xx

  5. For me this looks like the perfect evening colour for through the crease, I may have to consider investing at some point :s

  6. That looks gorgeous, I love Liz Earle make-up! I just reviewed the Healthy Glow Powder Blush, its my new favourite!

    Kate x

    Fashbox Beauty & Style

  7. This is so beautiful and looks like a very versatile shade too!

    Gem x

  8. Such a lovely colour, this would look great with some gold liner! x

  9. WOAH, this color looks so pretty! GREAT awesome all-over-the-lid color as displayed in this post :)

  10. Oh that is so pigmented1 I literally love brown shadow, especially slightly shimmery ones. I had zero interest in Liz Earle make up but now I need to do some research!

    Chloe - Very Lovely Stuff

  11. Love the colour of this, it really suits you x

  12. Love the colour of this, it really suits you x

  13. Lovely blog! I've just followed :). I'm new to all this blogger stuff lol

    Hannah xx

  14. Wow this color is amazing! I love the swatch too. It looks incredible! x

  15. This is a beautiful eyeshadow- the texture looks amazing and the colour is just perfect! I absolutely love brown eyeshadows :)

  16. Amazing shade! It's such a pretty deep brown and seems so well pigmented! I didn't know LE did cosmetics but I'm liking what I'm seeing :).

  17. I'm going crazy for this eyeshadow!! It's absolutely the kind of colors I would pick up without a second thought xx


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