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Xen-Tan Luminous Gold Gel review with before and after pictures

Xen-Tan Luminous Gold Gel*  148ml £24.99

"A revolutionary MAGIC TAN – as if by magic, apply this clear gel and leave it to transform and within 3 hours it will develop into a deep golden colour before your eyes! Skin is also enhanced with a healthy, dewy finish thanks to a gentle, iridescent sparkle. Xen-Tan's fastest-drying and longest-lasting formula coupled with a simply WOW colour, makes Luminous Gold Gel one of the best products yet!
This silky and iridescent clear tanning gel gives you an instant golden sheen and three hours later magically develops into a rich, golden colour before your eyes. Skin is left highly moisturised with a luminous sparkling finish thanks to gold shimmer flecks that gently sit on the skin. With no guide colour and Xen-Tan’s fastest-drying formula yet, you can safely slip into your little black (or white) dress."

I really missed having a regular fake tan routine and after going back to"fake tan Fridays" recently, I am so much happier and I have more confidence. I really love Xen-Tan products and I am addicted to their Dark Lotion. If you want to find out more about it, I reviewed it here and even added a silly picture of myself kissing the Dark Lotion bottle :) yes.. It really is LOVE! 

I was lucky to receive the Xen-Tan Luminous Gold Gel* to try out before Christmas and I was very excited about the new gel formula. It is a clear gel with iridescent gold sparkles and a light tropical scent- I can definitely smell coconut - I looooove coconu btwt!!! Once applied (with a tanning mitt) it sinks into the skin very quickly and takes a couple of hours (3-4) to develop. I am always amazed by tanners with no guide colour, because  after the application, I magically get a tan, whilst sitting on the sofa :)  haha. I love the way the Luminous Gold Gel looks on my skin once the colour develops. I turn golden brown and the golden shimmer is just incredible. I also use it on my face, and it looks really natural, without a hint of orange. Perfect. Oh, and the formula is paraben free and suitable for all skin types. I haven't noticed  the tan on my clothes or bedding, so you don't need to worry about waking up to stained sheets and pyjamas. 
The tan lasted for 5 days and faded evenly within 10 days. I am very impressed with the new addiction to the Xen-Tan family and I have been using it every week to make my skin look bronzed and glowy.

Are you a Xen-Tan fan? 

on my hand- before and after.

Xen-Tan Luminous Gold Gel*  148ml £24.99

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  1. I've always heard such amazing reviews about xen tan, I'm still a trusty St Tropez kinda girl though. This does look really great though, I need to start fake tanning regularly again xx


  2. This sounds amazing! I've never tried Xen tan before, I use St Moriz because it's cheap and does the job really well! xx


  3. This is really pretty :) I use the Dark Mist by Xen-Tan, but this looks fabulous!


  4. I look so pale these days since i started my placement as i haven't had the time to apply fake tan properly. I am a true fan of the Clinique self sun lotion, but after using it for a couple of years now, i believe that there are probably better products out there for me to try. Xen Tan is a brand that i hear alot of in the beauty community and i am looking into purchasing their product to try very soon! Thank you for this review

  5. Looks lovely and long lasting too! I've kind of been lazy in the fake tan department since Christmas but might get this as a pick me up!

    Nicola xo


  6. This looks really good! I always so scared when it comes to trying fake tans without a guide colour in case I streak it everywhere. I might have to try this one though, sounds really good :) xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  7. Oh wow... I've never been a fan of fake tans/self tanners but this looks really lovely!!


  8. I use St Moritz at the moment, but might splash out on this soon after this review, thank you :)


  9. Wow it looks amazing in the swatch! It really warms up your skin! x

  10. Looks like a really nice natural tan!

  11. I love how this looks. I've never used xen tan before but might have to pick some up now :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  12. I love xen tan, it's the best tan ever!! Haven't tried this product yet, I def b giving it a go! :) ps fab review xx

  13. This looks great, I really want to try Xen Tan, it's just picking the right one out of all that they offer! x


  14. Ahh Xen Tan is amazing ! I really want to try this as I have just tried the Moroccan tan which I LOVE! xoxo

  15. Hi! I just tried XEN TAN Luminous Gold Gel for the first time except I left it in overnight... safe to say I came out a lot darker than you did! but it still looks great (no orange etc)


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