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Winter Skin Saviour - Antipodes Avocado and Rosehip Divine Face Oil

Antipodes Organic Avocado Oil & Rosehip Divine Face Oil* 

"Give a lift to tired, stressed and sun-damaged skin with this nutrient-rich, certified organic face oil that helps to deliver essential nourishment for fresh, healthy skin. The superior collagen boosting action of avocado oil helps reduce the appearance of lines and age spots, while added rosehip helps avocado oil target scars and wrinkles.

In winter my skin needs extra care, so I often reach for rich creams and face oils to help protect and repair my extremely stressed skin.
I have been complaining about the condition of my skin quite a lot recently, simply because central heating causes severe dryness and I have been struggling to keep my face hydrated. I always had some dry patches on my face, but this winter my full face started to feel dry and tight. 

One of my favourite products this winter is the Divine Face Oil from Antipodes. It is quite a popular product, especially in the blogosphere, so after reading some rave reviews, I was expecting it to be amazing. 
I can honestly say that I am not disappointed. I adore this product. It is organic, free from nasty ingredients and full of goodness for stressed skin. It contains a blend of avocado, rosehip, macadamia, ylang ylang, jasmine, sandalwood and orange oils and nourishing vitamin E.

Antipodes Divine face Oil is very light and non greasy and my dry skin absorbs it very quickly
It smells beautiful. Notes of ylang ylang and rosehip are perfect for a night time pamper.
I use a couple of drops of the oil morning and night (after cleansing with a cleansing balm and toning) and follow with a light moisturiser in the morning and Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream at night. 
I have been following this routine for the past 4 weeks and my skin is thanking me for it :)
The dryness and the feeling of tightness are gone, my face looks more radiant and feels very soft.
I am sure that the Oil played a big part in repairing my skin so if you are looking for an affordable skin saviour this winter I would definitely recommend trying the Antipodes Divine Face Oil.
A little goes a long way and the small bottle will last for at least 6 months, if used twice a day.

Antipodes became one of my favourite skincare brands and my husband is obsessed with their Vanilla Pod Hydrating Cream and doesn't want to use anything else on his face, so there is a lot of love for this amazing brand in my household :) I am not surprised that Antipodes wins so many beauty awards, their lovely products deserve all the awards in the world! I mean it from the bottom of my heart! 

You can get a 25 ml bottle of the Divine face Oil from FeelUnique here for £18.99  with free delivery 
You won't regret it!


  1. This sounds fantastic, I am looking for a suitable face oil to replace my serum that is running out but I don't suffer from drynes...It's a lot cheaper than I expected it to be! x

  2. This is an interesting product. Thanks for the great review.

  3. This is my absolute skin saviour, I adore it xo

  4. this sounds amazing, shame I'm on a spending ban!


  5. I love anything vanilla!

    I face the same kind of issues. Too much heating, then change in temperature as I move in & out of the house/office. I take really good care of my skin, still I'm facing issues like extreme dryness & stressed out skin though my skin is combination.

    I've seen similar kind of products as Antipodes Organic Avocado Oil & Rosehip Divine Face Oil. This is definitely worth trying.

    Thanks for sharing the review. :)

    PrettyGloss - makeup, beauty & a lil gibberish

  6. This sounds lovely Sandra. I'm using the Pai Rosehip oil at the moment which I love. I only use it at night though as I'm using my Hyraluron serum in the day :)

  7. this sound great & amazing !!!

  8. I use the Trilogy Rosehip Oil which I've sworn by for a long time but after my huge 45ml bottle runs out I want to give this a go. I've just started using the Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Cream and adore it!

    Gem x

  9. I LOVE Antipodes avocado face oil! I've been using it for 3 months and i've now just run out :(. I need to stock up ASAP as it's done wonders for my skin - i've also done a blogpost about it. I use mine with a moisturiser at night and the next day, my skin feels so hydrated and smooth. Definitely worth the money!

  10. I hear SO many good things about Antipodes; I wish it were more readily available here in the US!! :(


  11. I love this so much, it does wonders for my skin. x

  12. This seems really lovely
    I struggle with dry skin in Winter too so ill have to give this a try :)



  13. I'm using this now and I really like it! Antipodes have definitely impressed me with what I've tried of their products, I'm curious to sample more of their range :)


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