Friday, 30 November 2012

Gift guide: Stocking fillers for £5 and under

I am getting very excited for Christmas and I can't believe that tomorrow I will be able to open the first door of my gorgeous Liz Earle advent calendar. My baby boy will be exactly 18 months old on Christmas Eve so I am looking forward to it even more :) 
I have done some Christmas shopping already, but I still need to buy loads of stuff. I will buy most gifts online, but I am also planning to go to TKmaxx, because they always have the most unusual and beautiful things and lovely Christmas decorations. I already know that it won't be good for my bank balance, but hey... I have a great excuse :)  

I prepared this little gift guide with stocking fillers for £5 and under. I cheated with two items and they are 10p and 29p over the budget but still around the £5 mark :) I think that all the little gifts make Christmas time even more special and I would be happy to receive any of the goodies I featured.
I am developing a small Cath Kidston addiction- thanks to all CK obsessed bloggers :) haha

Happy Friday everyone :) xo


  1. I love so many things on the list! I have the burts bees lipbalm's and they are one of my favourites.

    Gillian x

  2. These look like such cute stocking stuffers!! I also can't wait to go Christmas shopping even though my bank account won't be too happy... 'tis the season! :)


  3. You'll have an exciting December! I can't believe Zachary will be 18 months on Christmas Eve. What great timing :)
    You picked some pretty things. I love Rose scents and Burt's Bees products have impressed me a lot. xx

  4. These are some awesome gift ideas! That's so awesome your son will be 18 months on Christmas eve, perfect timing :)

  5. Great gift ideas! love them all thanks for the ideas :)

  6. Such pretty little gifts that look much mor cute than a fivers worth. Great inspirations :-)xxx Rose from Milkymoles Makeup & Plus Size Musings

  7. great post!


  8. I love Cath Kidson. There is a store right around the corner from work and I cant just walk past it!!


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