Friday, 12 October 2012

UNE Skin Glow Pencil- perfect beige for the waterline

UNE SKIN GLOW PENCIL in shade T2 £6.99 link

"The Une Skin Glow Pencil provides a touch of radiance. A glide-on, melting formula to awaken the eyes and add a touch of radiance wherever needed. The Une Skin Glow Pencil is Hypoallergenic, Dermatologically & Ophthalmologically tested. 100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. 32.2% of the total ingredients are from organic farming."
I bought this pencil when I was looking for the perfect nude/beige eyeliner for the waterline.
It looked perfect and to be honest, it is much better than anything else I have ever tried in my waterline.
Normally, I would be worried to use a concealer (yes, it is a concealer) in my eyes, but this one is made with natural ingredients and is also hypoallergenic and ophthalmologically tested, so I gave it a go. 
This little pencil looks absolutely beautiful in the waterline and gives a very natural "big eye effect"
I also use it as a concealer and it is great for covering small imperfections.
It is a multipurpose product and the list of uses is very long, as it can also be used as a highlighter under the brow bone, on cupids bone and any other are you want to highlight.
It is an amazing product and I can't recommend it enough!
Have you ever tried it?


  1. I've been looking for the perfect nude eyeliner too, this looks amazing!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I haven't seen this before but I might have to try it now it looks great and multipurpose products are the best!

  3. After i missed out on the MAC eyeliners in one of their collections i've been hunting down the perfect nude shade for my waterline and love the look of this :D


  4. I'm pretty sure that's the one I have!

    Zoe xoxo

  5. Oh that is really pretty! I totally need to have a go at this, it really brightens up your eyes, very wide awake!


  6. That looks awesome :)

  7. This looks awesome! I used to use a peach colored liner I have from Stila for my waterline, but it's a little TOO peach, so this looks like a great alternative!

  8. That looks so good!

  9. Ooo this is the kind of colour i have been searching for myself! Thank you for sharing :-)

  10. The gold glow looks soo nice on your inner corner! Such a nice touch, I have trouble with my inner corner highlights as they don't stay!

  11. UNE are also all forms of Paraben free :)

  12. That is sooo pretty!

  13. This looks great, I've been looking for something like this and if its all natural thats even better with my sensitive eyes!


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