Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My lipstick collection- with swatches of all colours :)

Hi everyone!

Remember when I asked on twitter what post I should prepare at the weekend?
Well... Most of you said- lipstick collection, so here it is :)
It took me ages to prepare it by the way, 4-5 hours :)
It was worth it though :) I am glad I did it, as some of my lipsticks were old, so I binned them and I only kept the ones I can still use - a total of 36 lipsticks (I think)
I actually thought that the number will be higher, but I think that under 50 is a reasonable amount :)
I could probably live with just 10, but let's face it- I love makeup too much :)


I picked my favourite shades and I reviewed most of them already so I will link all the reviews just in case you want to have a look.
Most of the shades are recent purchases, like the AMAZING YSL Rouge Volupte in Sensual Silk.
I adore this shade- it is the perfect nude/beige, very hydrating and creamy and I will be reviewing it soon.
The next one is the beautiful Vegas Volt by MAC and you can find the full review here.
MAC Fanfare was my first ever lipstick- a giveaway prize from Kimmi (thank you lovely!) review here.
The Lancome lipstick is my most worn colour and I will probably need a new one soon.
If you would like me to review it, let me know :)
Clarins Joli Rouge in shade 710 is my recent bargain purchase- it was £3.99. It is gorgeous!
The Lily Lolo lipsticks are amazing- I got one as a sample and ordered another shade the same day, because I fell in love with the formula. You can find my review here.
Next, we have L'Occitane Pivoine Delicate (review here). It is a perfect sheer peachy shade.
I also love MUA lipsticks and shades 15 and 16 are my favorites. I wasn't in love with the first one at the beginning, but I kept reaching for it and I really like it now :) Review of shade 15 here.
Another new addition to my collection I seriously love is the Youngblood lipstick in shade Tangelo- it is a gorgeous orange colour, creamy and moisturising. You can see how it looks like on the lips here.
The last one in my favourites is the DuWop Private Red lipstick and you can read the full review here.


Trying to take photos with a very nosy toddler around isn't easy :)
I am wearing a ribbon necklace from

I hope you enjoyed this post :) xo


  1. LOVE IT! Lipsticks are by far my favorite and I have a lipstick collection post too. The problem is...I always get new ones and it changes quite quickly :)

  2. I love the last photo, so cute! It's so nice to see a blogger who doesn't only own MAC lipsticks, as they're not so affordable! You have a gorgeous lipstick collection, i really want to get a Lilylolo lipstick! Great post :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. such a good post youve got a fab collection of colours :) x

  4. Awesome lippies! I am such a lipstick girl, I don't feel complete without my lipstick on :)
    Mac Vegas bolt looks so pretty <3
    Great post and I love last pictures with your lil toddler :]
    X Deja

  5. What a fun post!!! Love the colors!

  6. Hi my dear! Do you have a lot of lipsticks O.O amazing colors! I love MAC's ones :) is very nice!!!

    My blog -> Marie loves heels

  7. Lovely collection Sandra! Lipstick is becoming my favourite make up product slowly and steadily and I absolutely love your collection and also, I want to just say you are SO SO PRETTY and you inspire me a lot! Also your baby is adorable! <3

  8. Stop dangling the YSL Rouge Volupte in Sensual Silk review! I wanna see it :-) Is it the perfect nude?

  9. Great post, years ago I used to be a lipgloss kind of girl and it's only in the past year that i've really gotten in to lipstick. I've got 20 now and there are so many more I want! Love lipstick now and I actually never use any of my glosses any more.


  10. Its really refreshing to see a collection that isn't all MAC! Lovely collection :)
    P/S: The pictures with your toddler are so cute!

  11. fab post!vegas volt is calling my name :)

  12. Love this post!

    I want Intense Crush :) x

  13. You've got such an impressive collection! :)
    Oh and them last 3 photos are adorable! xx

  14. MAC Fanfare was my first ever lipstick from them and I still love it a lot. Sadly I think it's now available anymore (I think), so the day I run out of this will be a very sad day ;)
    Love your lipstick collection!

    Nathalie x

  15. I like MAC Vegas Volt and Lily Lolo Intense Crush! Hope to have it soon! :)) Kisses(with revlon just bitten kissable balm stain) from Romania ***

  16. I love checking out new lipsticks
    & I spotted a bunch i'd like
    Beautiful collectionn

  17. Awesome collection! I think that last picture is so adorable ;-)

  18. Ooh you have such a lovely collection, it really reminds me of my own :)! I love these photos too, gorgeous!! Xx.

  19. Ooh you have such a lovely collection, it really reminds me of my own!! These pictures are so cute too, gorgeous!! Xx.

  20. What a collection, jealous! Love the pictures with your son <3

  21. Your little baby has a gorgeous eye! Amazing collection BTW


  22. Fabulous post! Have to say your makeup looks amazing here!

    Having a MAC Makeup giveaway on my blog if you want to take a look?


  23. woooow! what a lovely post??? :)

  24. We store our lipsticks exactly the same way! Even down to the size of the box!
    You have a gorgeous collection :D

    Mollie xo

  25. Loved the post, loved that you included bubs too.. such a great post you can see you put time and effort into it, defoo one of my fave beauty blogs EVER!!
    You my dear are stunninggg..!
    and just a quick question lippy colour your wearing in first pics?? that pink shade is a MUST in my collection!?
    Ana X

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I am wearing the Rimmel lipstick in 006 Pink Blush. xo

  26. I DID enjoy this post but I bet that anyone here enjoyed it more than you! Zach is an angel, such a cutie, and you have a great collection ! Love it :) XOXO


    MayT Essentials

  27. Great collection. Lipsticks are what I tend to hoard the most, lol. I have some of the same lipsticks as you, but unfortunately Fan Fare doesn't look as nice on me. xx

  28. you have a lovely collection! im such a huge fan of lipsticks, i defo want to get a few new ones now! xx

  29. Love Mac's Fanfare!!

  30. Wow, you have an absolutely GORGEOUS blog!! I'm so glad I just found you, I can't wait for more posts (and to spend some time backtracking the ones you have!)! :)

  31. I like this !!
    My blog

  32. I wish I got a lot of those too!

  33. Lovely!
    I have two nosy toddlers. lol

  34. such a great post!! you have so many gorgeous shades!
    your blog is fabulous!
    following you now :)
    would love if you checked out my blog sometime!

  35. What is the name of the lipstick that you're wearing on the last photo?
    A pretty shade of lipstick! <3 I like it! :)
    I love your blog! (:


  36. You have an awesome collection! I definitely jotted down a few shades I must try :) xx

  37. Haha, I have like, 4 lipsticks?! I love the lipbutters though. That last picture is so sweet xo


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