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NYR Wild Rose Beauty Balm and Beauty Sleep Concentrate review

I like to change my skincare routine quite often and add new discoveries to it , so I was very excited to try two new products from Neal's Yard RemediesI've been using the Wild Rose Beauty Balm and Beauty Sleep Concentrate for 4 weeks and I am ready to share my thoughts with you.

Beauty Sleep CONCENTRATE 30ml* £30.00 link

I really like the  light formula of this night time moisturiser. The packaging says that you need to apply 3-4  pumps of it to your skin, I only needed 2 pumps and it was enough for my full face. It feels great on my skin and I use it on it's own or after using Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate or Jason Hyper-C serum. Sometimes I actually use 3 of them together.  The concentrate is absorbed in a couple of seconds and leaves my skin smelling absolutely beautiful. The scent is very soothing and I really like the way it makes me feel before bedtime. In the morning I wake up with rejuvenated, smooth, plumper looking skin. The concentrate works it's magic while I sleep :) I can definitely see the benefits and I don't need to worry that it will make my T-zone oily, as it is suitable for all skin types. If you are looking for an effective, lightweight night time moisturiser, this one is perfect! 

Wild Rose Beauty Balm 50g* £32.25 link

I was very intrigued by this product and I wasn't sure if it will be something I enjoy using. I left it sitting on my dressing table for over  a week before I tried it, but as soon as I used it, I fell in love. 
It is a very thick balm packed with natural ingredients. You can use it as a cleanser, exfoliant, mask or a moisturiser. I tried all the above and more :) You can actually have an "at home facial" with this little jar and your skin will feel amazing! 

It smells heavenly and helps me relax. My favourite use for it must be a face mask, I scoop a little bit of the balm out of the jar, massage into clean skin, leave it on for 10 minutes and remove with the muslin cloth provided. My skin feels super smooth and looks very fresh after each use. 
If I don't have any eye-make up on, I use a tiny amount of the balm as a make-up remover and a gentle exfoliator - I like the 2 in 1 action :)   I also like to use it on my elbows, knees and other dry patches on my body and it works really well. 

I need ta mention that I am a big fan of NYR packaging, the beautiful blue jars and bottles are 100% recyclable and the glass NYR uses is made from Scottish sand, Yorkshire limestone and soda ash from Cheshire. 

Overall, I am impressed with both products and I really enjoy using them. NYR definitely gets massive 'thumbs up' from me and I will be investing in more of their products in the future.

*PR samples


  1. Amazing post! :)
    Where are you from honey? :))*
    xoxo, Mia

    1. Scotland, but I was born in Poland.

    2. That's why some of my readers comment on the blog in Polish :)

  2. I havnt really tried their products but the balm sounds realllly good! Ill grab it when im next in town I think =)

    1. British skincare brands have got so much to offer. Before I started blogging I wasn't aware of so many amazing brands, including NYR. Now I can't imagine my life without them.

  3. Oh, it's cool! Thank you for your reply. I like your blog so much.
    Mogę mówić trochę po polsku. Ja jestem Czech. :)
    xoxo Mia :)*

    1. No problem :) x
      I was considering writing my blog in two languages but I feel more comfortable with English, my husband is British and I have been in UK for too long :)

  4. I haven't tried anything from NYR but. I really want to! Such a good review.x

  5. Great review the balm looks great :) xxx

    A Scholar Life

  6. Great review, I really like the sound of the beauty balm, I love anything with rose in it :) x


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