Wednesday, 13 June 2012

NOTD: Blue ombre/gradient manicure with a glitter top coat

I joined the ombre craze 2 months ago and I still can't get enough of it. I love ombre on everything: nails, hair, clothes, jewellery! It looks so pretty! :) I didn't use  a sponge for this manicure, I painted each layer normally and finished it off with a glitter top coat to blend the colours.


  1. Omg these look SO pretty! I need to try ombre nails.

    Charlotte x

  2. This is sooo pretty!!! Its a definite must to try for me now! although I doubt if i could do them as pretty as yours! hehe

    Jen xxx

  3. This looks really pretty :) I always want to try doing gradient nails but it always goes wrong and ends up looking like a total mess! I like the way that you have included some glitter too, makes it much more prettier~x

  4. omg!!! that's so pretty!!!

  5. I wish I had enough patience to give myself a manicure like this! Very talented lady xoxo

  6. So pretty! I gotta try the ombre effect with glitters soon.

  7. Wow! Your Nails are perfection!

  8. So pretty! Xo

  9. This is the prettiest thing I have seen in my life, followed :9


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