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Laurens WayTan: Glam Tan, Tanning Lotion and Mousse review

INFO: Lauren’s Way Self Tan provides an instant and long lasting bronzed glow. For an even tan you need clean, smooth skin. Ensure that you exfoliate first with Lauren’s Way Body Polish paying particular attention to dryer areas such as elbows, knees, ankles and feet. Apply a small dab of Lauren’s Way Tan Enhancing Moisturiser to dryer areas including eyebrows and hairline before applying the tan. Dispense the lotion on to a mitt or use gloves and sweep from top to toe making sure all skin is well covered.Wash palms with soap and water thoroughly after use. Wait for 60 seconds or more before getting dressed. Try not to get wet or sweaty for at least four hours after application. Moisturise daily and gently exfoliate with Lauren’s Way Body Polish every three days to ensure your tan fades evenly. Repeat the application everyday to increase the intensity of colour.

MY OPINION: I decided to do one review of all the products together, because they are very similar. Like with every self tan, you need to exfoliate prior to application. I use a gentle body scrub and Soap and Glory exfoliating gloves. I applied all the products with a tanning mitt, but you can also use disposable latex gloves. The colour outcome is the same for the mousse, spray and lotion so it was really hard for me to pick my favourite :) I like all of them.
When it comes to the application, I think that the mousse was the easiest to work with for  me and dried really fast, giving me a nice instant tan. It didn't go streaky and faded evenly. Pictures below show my skin before and after using the mousse. I didn't add seperate pictures for the lotion and spray, as the colour outcome was exactly the same. I left some of my skin tan free to show you the difference in the best way possible.
The lotion is very similar to the Xen-Tan's Dark Lotion. It is a little bit less creamy and smells totally different. The smell of Lauren's Way tan is a lovely fruity scent, so you won't be left smelling like a biscuit :) It left my skin really smooth and moisturised and was also very easy to apply.
The spray must be my least favourite, as I accidentally sprayed it allover my bedroom wall for some reason (a couple of times...) When I was using my left hand to spray it onto the tanning mitt the cap kept twisting and I was spraying it in the opposite direction :) I wiped the wall with a baby wipe and it came off easily :) I still like it though, as the colour outcome is lovely and it dries really fast.
Another thing I wanted to share with you: try to avoid applying self tan when the weather is really really hot. I used fake tan last week when it was extremely very hot and I ended up looking patchy because I was sweating. I will stick to applying it at night and showering in the morning. It always works for me.
COLOUR: When you first apply it, it looks quite dark, but after showering it turns into a lovely olive colour and it looks very natural.
APPLICATION: Very easy, no streaks, no patches, dries fast and fades evenly.
PRICE: Very affordable, compared to other popular brands.

LAUREN'S WAY SELF TANNING BRONZING LOTION (medium) 250ml*  £15.95 link 

LAUREN'S WAY SELF TANNING BRONZING MOUSSE (medium) 250ml* £17.95  link

LAUREN'S WAY GLAM TAN 250ml* £18.95 link 
pictures taken immediately after application

pictures taken after showering in the morning


  1. wow it gave you a lovely colour. I always tan my bathroom too if I use a spray =)

  2. it actually looks nice!im impressed!x

    1. It is a lovely colour. I was surprised too, as I thought it may look like TOWIE tan :)

  3. I unfollowed Lauren on twitter because this is all she went on about for about 5 months. I have heard that it is fantastic though. but haven't bought it because she is my least favourite person on TOWIE. If it was any of the other girls I probably would have bought it- how bad is that?! Hahah, I'm glad you're enjoying it though, and it does seem good for the price :) xxxx

    1. I am not a big fan of TOWIE :) They are a bit orange :) haha
      I prefer MIC :)
      The tan is really good for the price.

  4. Looks really good, I've heard some really good things about it on Twitter that was retweeted by her but I did end up unfollowing her as well lol. I'm a bit strange but I kind of like the smell of digestives but always like to smell fruity. Great post. :) x

    1. I am following Laurens Way tan, but I have never followed her personal account :) I don't follow many "celebrities" :)

  5. i love this tan also i used the glam tan but i would like to try the mousse. did the mousse dry in as quick as the spray? thanks

    1. Yes, the mousse dried as quick as glam tan. I liked the mousse better though, as it was easier for me to apply with a tanning mitt.

  6. The comments on this post really made me giggle - I'm still following her but I have to admit, the RTing and constant promo is SO annoying. There does seem to be a lot of fans though, and your post proves why. The colour is amazing! I'm really impressed - gotta admit though, her personality isn't the best on TOWIE.. xx

    1. I didn't expect comments like this :) haha
      I don't know much about Lauren herself, just the fact that she is in TOWIE :) But just like I said- I don't watch TOWIE so I don't know her personality... I heard many good things about her tanning products though, so I really wanted to try them.
      I must admit, the tan is brilliant.


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