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I received a few samples to try out from Dr. Hauschka a couple of weeks ago and after giving them a go, I might treat myself to some full size products. I am sure, you've all heard about this natural skin care brand and probably tried some of their products. If not, make sure to visit their website

1.Rose Day Cream*- This award winning cream smells absolutely beautiful and it's made with the extract of over 1,075 organic Rose petals in each tube! It is a perfect moisturiser for winter, as it nourishes, soothes redness and protects your skin from harsh weather. It also encourages the skin to repair and restore itself. 
The full size product costs £23.95 for 30 ml or £3.50 for trial size.

2.Rosemary Leg and Arm Toner*- I have always suffered from leg cramps, so I was very happy to receive this sample. It's meant to promote lymphatic circulation in legs and feet, relief swollen ankles and tone the skin.  I really enjoyed using it. I massaged it into my legs and it felt great on my skin, it is cooling and very refreshing. I would recommend this to anybody who spends a lot of time standing, or to improve circulation on a long plane journey.  The full size product costs £24.95 for 100ml or £3.50 for trial size.

3.Spruce bath*- This bath oil contains the essential oil of Norway Spruce needles which encourages you to breathe more deeply and slowly. It is perfect for people with sinus problems (like me), as it helps to clear congestion. It smells exactly like a pine forest! All you need to do is close the bathroom door and relax in a warm bath.  You can also use a few drops for a face wash, a warm compress or rub it all over your body with a flannel after a shower. The aroma is amazing!  The full size product  costs £17.95 for 150 ml.

4.Quince Body Moisturiser*- It is a very light formula that absorbs quickly and leaves your skin smelling really fresh an feeling smooth and nourished. As I don't have much time to myself, I look for products that are absorbed quickly, but give your skin a real boost. It retails at £22.95 for 145 ml.

5.Soothing Mask*- It's an intensive face mask, made for all skin types and praised by people with sensitive skin. You only need to use it 1-2 times a week to give your skin a boost of radiance, sooth redness and irritation. My skin became very irritated lately and I had two giant red patches on my cheeks for the past two weeks, but after using this face mask twice... the red patches disappeared! I am very pleased with this face product and I think it is worth the high price tag - £32.95 for 30 ml.

 *PR samples


  1. amazing review post!!! thanks!!!!!!!

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  3. nice, I love your bloooooooog <3

  4. great review


  5. Fab review. I've never tried this brand before!
    Happy Wednesday hun xoxo

  6. I adore your blog header! And these look like yummy samples! Very deluxe!

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    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

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  9. i want to try them, i wasn't sure though!

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  10. great review post !!

  11. Dr. Hauschka is so good and lovely smelling, I always feel as if I am at a Spa when I use the products. Haha sorry not trying to sell anything here ;) Ix


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