Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Wipes

I am totally against using wipes as a 'cleansing method', but I always have a packet of good quality face wipes in my stash and my favourite ones are the Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Wipes. Actually... they are the only wipes I have been using since last April/May, when I discovered them in a WIMH Ole Henriksen Discovery Kit

Let's start with the only downside of these. They are incredibly expensive. I buy the smaller packs of 10 for £6.00 so 60p per wipe (the pack of 30 costs £15.00  and works out as 50p per wipe). I don't use them often though, so one packet lasts me for over a  month. I never buy them at the regular price either and always wait for an offer. Feelunique had them on a 3 for 2 offer recently, but BeautyBay are currently selling them for £4.74 with free delivery (here). Perfect opportunity to try them out without breaking the bank.

Why are they so good? Well... They are packed with skin friendly ingredients, including Vitamin C to brighten, Micro Algae to firm and boost collagen production, CoQ10 to repair and regenerate, plus anti-oxidant Green Tea. They also smell absolutely incredible, with notes of citrus and vanilla.  They remove most of my makeup, grime and dirt and leave my skin soft and nourished, instead of making it feel dry and irritated. I always wash my face with a cleanser after using these anyway, but the wipes make my full routine much quicker and are perfect for days when I am absolutely exhausted or ill and don't have the energy to spend 15 minutes in the bathroom doing my usual evening routine. 

The Truth To Go wipes are also ideal for travelling, flights or gym and they are worth every penny. They are gentle, effective and don't leave a residue on my face. Perfect!

Overall, these are absolutely incredible and I cannot recommend them enough. It's not a hype, they are really, really good and you won't find anything better or even half as good as these on the market. I will be repurchasing the Truth To Go Wipes until they are discontinued - fingers crossed it never happens :)

As mentioned before, if you are curious about these, you can currently buy them on offer from  Beauty Bay (here) for £4.74 with free delivery to see if they are worth the hype.

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