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MAC Fabulousness Palette "Warm Eyes" review

I bought this palette at the end of last year, but I totally forgot to review it :) The Fabulousness Palette was part of the Glamour Daze Collection and it retailed at £32.00, so it was quite a pricey treat. Before buying this little palette, I had no idea what to expect from MAC eye shadows, so I figured that it was the right time to try the formula. All the palettes and sets from the Glamour Daze Collection were beautiful, but I decided to go for the "Warm Eyes" palette in a lovely cream case.
The packaging is absolutely beautiful and looks amazing on my dressing table. I love the black bow and the soft, satin padded lid. It is one of the prettiest eyeshadow palettes I have ever seen!

The palette includes 5 eyeshadows: Glamour Light, Retrospeck, Honesty, Cognac, and Sketch and they all look very pretty in the pan. I expected MAC eyeshadows to be amazing, but I am slightly disappointed with most of the shades. 

Glamour Light is a light beige and it lacks pigmentation. Retrospeck is a light and sparkly gold with a lot of fallout. Honesty is a coppery brown shade, which I love the look of, but just like Retrospeck, it  has A LOT of fallout.  Cognac is a golden bronze with a frost finish, very easy to blend, with minimal fallout. The last shade is Sketch- my favourite from the palette. It is a deep burgundy shade, perfect to use in the crease. WIth it's velvety finish, it is a dream to apply and the pigmentation is amazing.

Verdict? I am disappointed with the formula of the three bigger eyeshadows - Glamour Light, Retrospeck and Honesty, but I love Cognac and Sketch. It is a nice little palette and I use it quite often, but I am not sure if I will be buying other MAC eyeshadows in the future. I think that Urban Decay offers better pigmentation and colour payoff. I might put a little MAC  quad together one day, but I am not in a rush :)

You can see the look I created with the palette on the photo above. I quite like the final effect with black winged liner and a pair of falsies :)

Do you like MAC eye shadows? Are they worth the hype in your opinion? What shades would you recommend for my first quad? 

Glamour Light, Retrospeck, Honesty, Cognac, and Sketch
Glamour Light, Retrospeck, Honesty, Cognac, and Sketch


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  1. I don't think all MAC eye shadows are like that - I have a quad I've made and I love them, they're really good quality :)

    I have Satin Taupe, Sketch, Twinks and Shroom :)

    1. I read on Temptalia, that the formula of shade "Honesty" in this palette is totally different than the one in MAC's permanent range.
      I bet that single MAC eye shadows are much better quality than the ones in palettes.

  2. I think that the pigmentation/color payoff of MAC eyeshadows depends on the shades/finishes you get! Hopefully you have better luck in the future and end up with more like sketch and cognac! (Sketch is in the permanent range by the way!)
    xx Amber
    Lovely Notions

  3. i can't believe i haven't tried a single mac eyeshadow! i think it's because i know there are better formulas out there - urban decay as you said, and sleek are amazing too. mac's shade range is great though!

  4. I completely agree with you that Urban Decay tops MAC in the battle of the eyeshadows. I'm really not impressed with MAC eyeshadows, I find they lack pigmentation which doesn't justify that hefty price tag! I was actually talking about this over on my blog today haha :D

    Mollie xo

  5. I thought about buying that palette but I've had a few of them before and the shadows aren't the same quality as the round pans.
    I have Retrospeck and it is gorgeous and has no fallout at all I'd def recommend trying out some of the pans.
    MAC sometimes do the pans in palettes like the Dame Edna ones that came out a while ago and they are the same quality as the permanent range.

  6. MAC's Limited Edition eyeshadows are wack most of the time, lol. That's why I only tend to buy permanent shades. Unless of course it's packaged like this. This is stunning and impossible to pass up. Btw your eye look is gorgeous xx

  7. It's a shame that the quality isn't there for most of the shadows, that's really a bummer. The look you created it really gorgeous, though! I love the style of the palette, though, it's really pretty!

  8. Such a beautiful packaging. I'm totally digging the bow but shame about the formula and the fall out from the other 3 shades. For £32 I would expect a whole lot more. The pretty packaging aside, I don't think it's worth the money. But at least you ended up liking 2 of the shades.So all hope is not lost :) Cognac and Sketch are such pretty shades. I love the look that you've created with the palette Sandra.

  9. Hmm...all the MAC shadows I've ever bought have been excellent. Perhaps a bad batch? Loved the packaging on this one - the lippies from the Glamour Daze collection were so gorgeous!

    Maybe MAC were a bit sneaky and had made a batch of slightly more crappy shadows and thought - let's put it in fabulous, limited edition packaging and people will buy it - job done, poor quality stuff sold on.

    The colours are very "Naked/2" though, I wouldn't buy this palette on that basis but I'd have to fight very hard - it's VERY pretty packaging!

    Simply Woman Magazine

  10. This palette is stunning the packaging and the eyeshadows! it's a shame about the pigmentation of the three eyeshadows and the way you created the eye makeup was beautiful. I own woodwinked from MAC and it is well pigmented! will be reviewing it on my blog soon..
    Jennie xx

  11. I just can't get over how cute the packaging is! I know that's not the most important thing but it's so pretty! Shame it's not really lived up to expectations.

  12. I love this (●ꈍ Q ꈍ●)


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