Monday, 4 June 2012

NEW IN: Summer jewellery from H&M

As soon as I seen this post on one of my favourite blogs (With Love, Ana) I went straight to the H&M website to get the gorgeous pastel pink necklace and the neon orange/coral bracelet with little spikes.
I also got a white bracelet with rhinestones and gold detail. I am in love with all my new purchases.
I found links to the bracelets, but unfortunately the necklace is not available online anymore. 


  1. i adore the necklace! would look so perfect with the outfit im wearing today!
    bnoo :(

  2. I've been looking everywhere for bracelets like that ! I'll deffo check H&M now :) The necklace is gorgeous too. Great statement piece for this summer :)

  3. oh wow, the necklace looks really nice and i am especially liking the colour of it :) I have been looking for a statement necklace for a while to dress up some of my plain tops or dresses so i may have to pop down to H&M to check out their stuff. Thanks for sharing~x

  4. I wanted that necklace so bad! Lucky you :)

  5. That necklace is gorgeous! For some reason I always overlook H&Ms jewellery, I must start checking it out :) x

  6. That necklace is gorgeous, the stones are such a pretty pink :) The bracelets will be great for layering too!

    Frances xx

  7. They are gorgeouuusss! H&M really has amazing jewelry this season. <3

  8. SO GORGEOUS. The necklace is my favorite!


  9. I have the neaklace and I love it, it really adds something to an outfit :)

  10. Hi,

    you can sell me this necklace?
    I live in Brazil and here there is no H & M store

    thank you for attention

    my email:

    1. I don't have the necklace anymore, sorry.
      I used it to make earrings, as it didn't look nice on me. x

  11. Sandra
    I also have these H&M bracelets, love them, but they break easily! My Neon is Gone and now my white one is breaking too!


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