Sunday, 28 August 2016

Mia's 12 month update

I can't believe my little bubba is a year old! Actually... She is now 13 months old, but she was born over a month early, so I am writing the update now, as the doctors have been using her adjusted age for any of her checkups, development etc. I personally just go by her actual age, as despite being 5 weeks premature, she was born huge (10lb 10oz) and after the initial help she needed, she was just like a full term baby. She is sooo, sooo amazing and I just can't believe how lucky we are to have such a crazy munchkin in our lives! 

She has always been desperate to be mobile and reached all of her milestones pretty quickly. Rolling over at 2 months (as she was so desperate to be closer to my boob!), crawling commando at 4 months and properly crawling at 6 months. She started pulling herself up at 7/8 months and cruising along furniture at the same time. She's been super determined to walk and could take a few steps unaided at 10 months, but proper walking didn't come till just under 11 months, when she literally figured it out so quickly that she was running the same day and screaming from excitement. Little daredevil. Now, at 13 months, she can walk like an absolute pro, run, climb sofas, stairs and basically do anything you can imagine. She is sooo, sooo active and wild. I can't take my eyes of her for a second, because she is always up to something.

She is also very vocal about everything and does a cute little scream when she wants something. She can say Mama, Dada, Booba, Za Za (for Zac) and she started saying lots of different weird madeup words too. Or she just walks around saying things like: 'doobadabadeebeedoobaaaaa' haha :) She understands a lot and can recognise items and bring them to me, if I ask her to do so. She follows simple instructions, like: pick up the ball/spoon/bottle, give it to Zac, go to daddy, give a kiss, give a cuddle, put it back, don't do that, open, close, throw, eat, drink etc. She is soo, sooo clever. We are learning colours, shapes and simple puzzles at the moment and she is slowly getting there. I love seeing kids learn, it's so amazing!

She is a happy baby, but she loves attention and being naughty, which includes emptying all my drawers, kitchen cupboards, TV unit etc. She loves music and gets super excited when I put a song or video on. The first thing she does when we come downstairs in the morning is pick up the remote and point it at the TV. It's so funny. She has favourite tunes to which she dances more, stomping her little leg and spinning around in circles. It's the most adorable thing I have ever seen. She loves Justin Timberalake's 'Can't stop the feeling', some Fifth Harmony songs and Lush Life by Zara Larsson. There is more, but these are a few that make her go wild :) haha. She also loves cuddles with daddy, when she is tired. She walks over to him and just snuggles up, all cosy and quiet. It's sooo sweet. She has a cheeky little grin that she does, with her bottom teeth sticking out and it makes me LOL so much! her facial expressions are so, so hilarious! I just can't cope with how amazing her personality is! Little superstar!

She eats absolutely everything and she is obsessed with food. She's such a hungry baby. We weaned her at exactly 6 months and we have been doing a mixture of spoon feeding and Baby Led Weaning ever since and it is working out amazingly well for us. She can now feed herself any solids in her highchair and holds snacks, like banana, cheese or crackers and takes little bites. She is very independent with eating and prefers to do it all by herself. I do feed her porridge or soup myself, as it would be far too messy if I let her do it. I might write about the mixed feeding methods more in a separate blog post.

We are still mostly breastfeeding at 13 months, which I am super pleased with. She also gets one 5oz bottle of formula every evening before I put her down to sleep. If she doesn't get the bottle, she is all cranky and moany, so it's a godsend for me! I am very happy with the fact that she is still loving combination feeding and doesn't get breast/bottle confusion. She definitely prefers boob, because if she sees it, she wants it and she will literally throw the bottle on the floor and latch on in a second, haha :) I wish I had enough breastmilk for her, but it's just not the case, so combination feeding is working brilliantly for us. If I could pump any extra milk, I would of course do it and give her a bottle of breastmilk at night, but I literally cannot pump a single drop after a feed and if I do it in between feeds, I can only get about 1oz from both boobs together and then Mia acts fussy when she's nursing, so it's a no, no and it would just ruin the full breastfeeding experience for us. She has an amazing latch, which allows her to get more milk out of me than a pump can (which is the case for many mums). Some can't express anything, but baby can get enough anyway. It's all pretty complex sometimes.

How often does she nurse? A LOT!!! She is a frequent feeder. It could be due to her love of food and milk, or simply because I have a small capacity and my boobs produce small amounts often, which would make a lot of sense actually. She nurses about 20 times a day - not kidding! She is pretty fast though and most of the time it's just a quick drink, as she is thirsty. I don't mind it at all, as I enjoy the closeness and it makes me happy. Morning and nighttime feeds are much longer- about 20-30 minutes, as she loves sleepy dream feeds. She also nurses whenever she's upset or before/after a nap. I know that at the age of 13 months most mums only feed a couple of times a day, but this is what we do and I wouldn't have it any other way. Every baby is different, so don't be put off or scared that your baby will want to breastfeed as often as Mia at that age. She is just a boobie addict! :) haha.

With Zac, I had a strict routine, as he was a very chilled baby and it wasn't a problem. With Mia, I have to be more relaxed about it, because she is unpredictable, but I still have some sort of routine. She gets one nap a day at the moment. Usually between 12-14pm or 13-15pm. Sometimes it's even a 3 hour nap, but usually 2 hours. It depends on what time she wakes up at in the morning. Usually, she sleeps till 7.30am, as I try to put her to sleep for 7.30pm every night. I tend to shush her in the stroller, until she falls asleep and then transfer her to her cot or breastfeed her in our bed, if she wakes up. She's usually out of her cot by 22.00/23.00 and I breastfeed again. Unfortunately, she doesn't like sleeping in her cot for too long, but I don't mind, as nursing at night helps to keep my milk supply going and I like having her close to me. We nurse 3-4 times per night. All dream feeds, as she never actually wakes up, just stirs a bit. I get a fantastic sleep, as co-sleeping is a godsend for us. I personally love it and I hate the fact that some mums bash it. It's what humans naturally do, they co-sleep, if baby needs it! Zac slept in his cot for 12h straight so we only co-slept when he was nursing in the mornings. Mia wants to be glued to me all night, so we co-sleep most of the time. It's great for us, but not everyone's cup of tea. I can't complain.

She weighs around 23lbs (10.3kg) and is about 75cm long. She wears 12-18m size clothing and  size 4 shoes. She is an average size, judging by the way she looks, but more on the smaller side I think. Small waist, slim arms, chunky thighs. Zac was the same :) We were a bit worried she was going to be huge, as her birth weight was off the charts, but it all settled, mostly thanks to breastfeeding and her high energy levels that she uses up to do all sorts of stunts :)

Not sure, what else to add, other than the fact that she's healthy and happy and I am well rested and happy! She is mummy's girl, as most breastfed babies, but she loves daddy cuddles too. She is absolutely obsessed with Zachary and loves playing with him. He is sooo soo sweet with her. They play with toys together, play ball, cuddle and dance around. It's amazing seeing their close bond and the love between them is just adorable.

I am one happy mama!

Sandra xxx

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