Sunday, 22 November 2015

Mia's 4 month update and general chit-chat

Oh wow! Mia is officially 4 months old! I just want to press pause and enjoy those precious moments: breastfeeding and morning cuddles, cute smiles and the beautiful baby smell. It's magical. It is also very challenging and we experienced Mia's first illness last week, but more about it later. Grab a cuppa and have a little read.

November was a crazy month for us. Zachary fell ill after being back at nursery for a mere week! He had a horrendous cough and a temperature and he was off for over 2 weeks. Poor boy. He was up at night being sick with all the mucus. It was heartbreaking. He went back for his swimming lesson on Friday and guess what... It was freezing cold outside and they made those poor little 4 year olds walk to the swimming pool and back with wet hair!!! WTF? Are they serious? Wet hair + freezing cold day + wind and your little one can end up in a hospital. It's serious stuff and if Zachary ends up ill again I am going to kill someone... I have to talk to the staff. It's ridiculous.

Anyway... When Zac fell ill, he infected my husband and Mia first and I was the last victim. All of us were in some state and everyday life was a struggle. I got a sinus infection to top it all off and couldn't taste any food for a week. Fab...

Mia started coughing one day and I didn't expect it to become serious, but when she projectile vomited with milk and yellow mucus allover me and allover our bed twice (after emptying each boob), I made an appointment with the doctor right away. She was prescribed a 7 day course of antibiotics and Paracetamol and we started her on both right away. Surprisingly, I wasn't prescribed a probiotic for her (WHAT!!!), but I was given some by my sister, so I gave her 1 sachet a day mixed with 4oz of formula. If it wasn't for the probiotics, she could have ended up with lots of problems and in the hospital. I am not sure why British GP's never mention probiotics, as they are ESSENTIAL when you are on antibiotics!

In the meantime, my mum, sister and my 8 month old niece arrived in Scotland as I booked tickets for them a while ago, so they could meet Mia. They live in Poland, so I don't see them often :( They stayed with us for a week and I loved their company sooo much. I cannot wait to visit them next year, when the weather is nicer (possibly in May). My little niece Klara turned 8 months old while she was here and she is the most active baby I have ever seen. Seriously, she was EVERYWHERE. Crawling, climbing, babbling away, dancing etc. Zachary loved it and was absolutely fascinated with her. I can't wait to see how he interacts with Mia when she's at that stage. Exciting stuff!

Development wise, Mia is very, very alert and she loves smiling, making cute noises and she is literally obsessed with me. She stares at me all the time, follows me around with her eyes everywhere I go, listens to everything I say and if it was up to her, she would be glued to me 24/7. She is rolling over onto her tummy occasionally, but she just wants to be sat up all the time, preferably on someones lap. 

She also started sleeping through the night! Wooohooo! Usually from 23.00 till 7.00 which is amazing! Sometimes, she wakes up at 6.00, but she goes back to sleep after a morning feed and continues to be an angel till around 10.00. Fab! I am not complaining. She is less demanding during the day, than she was last month and she started to keep herself entertained with toys etc. She loves chewing everything she can get her hands on and she drools excessively at all times. I can now see 3 little tooth buds under her gums, on the bottom. I wonder when she will cut her first tooth. Zachary didn't get any till he was 7 months old and then they all came through without any symptoms before his 1st birthday. Amazing. Fingers crossed I am lucky again in the teething department. 

We're still breastfeeding on demand with one formula top-up a day (4 oz of Aptamil mid-day), sometimes another one, if she's really grumpy and super hungry. She's gaining weight slowly, but she's in the 75th percentile for her age (corrected). In the 50th going by her actual birthday, but I have been told to keep going by her corrected age, which would be 5 weeks behind on the chart. 

I am a bit worried that I don't have enough breastmilk. It is so hard to judge if she's getting enough or not. I don't think one small formula top-up makes a difference to be honest, so I am basically left to put trust in my boobs. And let's be honest here... they heven't been the best at producing milk... And I am sooo sick of people trying to educate me about breastfeeding... God... it's not my first baby, I DID EVERYTHING I COULD to establish my supply and my baby was in neo-natal connected to machines and tubes for almost 2 weeks, which means that I couldn't really establish breastfeeding properly, so it's an actual miracle I am still able to breastfeed. I am praying for my milk to keep flowing, so I can give Mia the best start in life, but if it starts to dry up gradually, despite my efforts (pumping, supplements and EVERYTHING else I could possibly do), then I will have to introduce more formula. I am not going to let my baby starve, I know when she's hungry. 

Sorry about the rant, but when you do combination feeding, even if it wasn't your intention at all, there is sooo much judgement and little advice. They basically tell you to establish your supply first and introduce formula once you have lots of breastmilk. Well... most mums who do combination feeding, started it because they didn't have enough milk in the first place, not because they needed a break from their baby or whatever... Oh... it's so frustrating. 

Another thing that stood out to me this month was a trolling incident... I couldn't believe what I read when I went to moderate comments on my blog. I talked about it on Twitter and I got really upset, because someone who previously offended me, took it upon themselves to come back and carry on, this time questioning my parenting skills and basically being a vile troll. Oh god... I think I am  hormonal, because I cried all day, after reading those vile comments. How can people be so horrible is beyond me. I couldn't care less about people's opinion about my appearance, my blog etc, but when they bring my children into it, it is just too far... I don't know how all the 'insta-famous' mums deal with trolls on a daily basis, the comments I see under some photos are just horrific! It wouldn't even cross my mind to be rude to someone on instagram! Words fail me.

On a happier note, I am soooo looking forward to Christmas! I cannot wait to spend it with my family. My older sister and her two kids are coming over to stay for 2 weeks, so we will be celebrating on the 24th in my house (Polish tradition) and on the 25th with Scotts family.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Sandra xxx

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