Sunday, 15 March 2015

Jamie's Italian Glasgow

I wrote about a date night at Jamie's Italian in the past, but I was recently invited for a meal to the Glasgow branch and this time we went as a family. The atmosphere and the menu are very child friendly and Zachary absolutely loved it! We booked a table for 12.00, basically as soon as the restaurant opened and we were the first table to be served, haha.

Out waiter was just lovely and... he was basically Shia LaBeouf's twin (beard and everything!). I am not even kidding! He let us know about all the specials before we ordered and I was seriously tempted to order a mackerel, but I ended up getting something from the standard menu. I might get one of their specials the next time. I can't stop thinking about that mackerel, seriously :) It sounded lovely!

 As we only had a little snack for breakfast, we ordered some starters. We shared the Artisan Bread Basket (£3.95) and the Italian Nachos (£3.95). We also got GingerVirgin Mojitos (£3.25) and a glass of orange juice for Zachary. We always order alcohol-free drinks, even when I am not pregnant :) 

The ginger mojitos were delicious!!! I would highly recommend trying them. Very refreshing and full of flavour!

 The Artisan Bread Basket (£3.95) arrived on a little plank, with two dips on the side. The breads included: homemade rosemary focaccia, ciabatta, seeded crackerbread, sourdough, & grissini sticks and they tasted lovely dipped in cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar and an olive tapenade. Simple, but yummy.

 The Italian Nachos (£3.95) were actually AMAZING and I could easily eat two portions myself, haha. But we had to share :) Italian Nachos are just crispy fried ravioli stuffed with three cheeses. Sooo good! They are served with arrabbiata sauce and Parmesan and super hot red chillies. My husband ate them all, because I almost cried after taking the tiniest bite :) Oh my... I am not sure how he managed that. I will stick to the cheesy nachos and my dip, thanks :)

 Zachary got the coolest looking dish ever- the Mini Sliders (£5.95). He is a very fussy eater and very rarely tries anything new, so we always take a risk while eating out. The dish consists of organic chicken & beef patties with lettuce and a tomato, served in seeded buns with a side of baked crinkle-cut wedges, a cute little jar of salad and a creamy dip. Our fussy munchkin only ate some of the chips with the dip and  a couple of bites of the rolls, but we made sure to finish the rest. I was surprised with how lovely the little salad was and the burgers were nice too. I personally prefer more flavour in burgers, but I understand why it wouldn't be very strong on a kids dish. Although, they were very chargrilled as well, so not all kids might like them.

 I opted for the Market Superfood Salad with grilled chicken, because even when I eat out, I go for the healthy option :) I know... I am so predictable. I got the big portion though, because I was starving. It didn't look huge on the plate, but it was VERY filling and I had to take my time to finish it. The salad is a mixture of avocado, shaved fennel, candied beets, pulses, Italian sprouting broccoli, creamy cottage cheese, pomegranate, smashed nuts & seeds and it is served with a fennel blossom Sicilian harissa. I added free-range grilled chicken to mine and it came to £13.95 (£7.50 for a small portion). You can order it without any meat for (£5.95 - 10.95) or with smoked salmon (£7.50-£15.00). I liked the flavours and the chicken was insanely good (the best I have ever had!), but I would like a bit more seasoning or a sweet and zesty dressing. It is still the most appealing healthy dish on the menu in my opinion and packed with goodness! I just love quite strong dressings on my salads and it was missing.

 Scott ordered one of the specials, so I am not 100% sure of all the ingredients, but it all looked incredible. I even tasted the pork myself - I couldn't resist! I very rarely eat red meat (it freaks me out), but I must admit -the flavour was amazing! It was a big bit of herb stuffed pork loin with a side of a cheesy potato gratin, sweet carrots and a honey-mustard dressing. Oh my... all absolutely delicious!!! I think it was around £15.00, well worth the money for such a big piece of good quality meat. There  is nothing worse than ordering a proper meaty dish and getting a tiny portion of it. This one was perfect! We totally forgot to order Funky Chips though. Make sure to try them!

My little vlogger and my super handsome husband :)

 The decor is beautifull and we sat at a table for 4. The tables for 2 are quite small so if you order a lot of food, you might struggle a bit :) We had that problem the last time. Also, silly me didn't think of the lightning situation and I forgot to ask for a table next to a window, so the photos didn't turn out as nice and bright as I would like them to be #bloggerproblems :) I didn't want to hassle anyone, especially my  little boy with moving tables so I just used a higher ISO setting.

Zachary had fun colouring the picture and he also loved the stickers. I mean... all kids love stickers, right? 

What a lovely family meal! I absolutely loved the experience and I would definitely recommend the restaurant to anyone. Couples, families, meals out with your friends, or alone. The menu offers a variety of beautiful dishes made with fresh, good quality ingredients and the service is amazing! You can enjoy a lovely meal at any budget, depending on your appetite and preferences. The last time we ordered more expensive starters, extra drinks, sides, desserts and coffee so it was a bit on the expensive side, but this time it all came to just over £50 for the three of us, with 2 starters, drinks and 3 big/filling main dishes. They have a lunch menu as well, which is very affordable, so make sure to check that out. You get 2 dishes for £12.00 as far as I can remember. Also, if you apply for their Gold Club membership, you get free treats every time you visit the restaurant. 

 Jamie's Italian Glasgow is definitely one of my favourite restaurants and I can't wait to go back to try the rest of the menu. You can read about my previous experience here (part of a date night campaign I took part in). 

Sandra xo

*we were kindly invited to the restaurant

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