Thursday, 6 November 2014

Pink & White Mummy Outfit

I very rarely wear colour, especially during the colder months, but when I was given a task of styling a gorgeous Pink Lining Changing Bag*, I had to come up with something slightly different than my everyday black attire.

 I haven't worn my pink jeans in ages and I wasn't sure if they would still fit me, but thankfully they did, so that's what I settled on. They are slightly stretchy, which makes them very comfortable. I got them a couple of years ago from Very. They go nicely with the pink accents on the bag. The full outfit is very girly and probably more Spring/Summer appropriate, but hey... sometimes we all need more colour! I actually felt happier that day, just because I wasn't dressed in black!

I paired the jeans with a simple grey slogan tee (I woke up like this). I got it on ebay and customized the neckline, because it was far too high. To keep things light, I threw on a white oversized cardigan (George at Asda). I am also wearing basic pink trainers and pink Ray-Bans*. A pink lip and big curls were mandatory as well for a super girly feel.

You might be wondering why I am still using changing bags, despite Zachary being out of nappies since last year. Well... I carry a lot of my own stuff with me everywhere, plus everything I need for my toddler. He still needs wipes, snacks, drinks and a change of clothes (just in case he has an accident, you never know). Add some toys to that and you definitely need a huge tote. 

As you can see the Bramley Tote in Birdcage* (£69.00) is really big, which means plenty of space for everything you need to take with you. It is well made and the straps are super strong and feel comfortable on my shoulders. 

There is a zip across the top, big zipped pockets on both sides and plenty of space inside. You also get a bottle pouch, a cute changing mat and a clear 'wet' zip bag. I obviously don't need a changing mat for Zachary anymore, but it is essential for little babies. The bag features two nappy pockets, a key fob, a mirror, a pen holder and a phone pocket as well. Perfect.

There are other designs available as well, if this one isn't your cup of tea. I love it and I think it's cute.

The bag is available from

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