Friday, 23 May 2014

New vlog: Largs & Zachary's First Ferry Ride

Hi everyone! I hope you are looking forward to the weekend. I am not sure if it will be sunny, but I am hoping to go somewhere nice on Sunday or Monday. Fingers crossed :) If you follow my beauty blog or Twitter, you might have noticed that I have been adding vlogs from days out with my family. I totally forgot to upload the one I filmed during the Easter weekend, but it is now up on my youtube channel. We went to Largs and Zachary enjoyed his first ferry ride. He absolutely loved it and we had loads of fun. You can watch the video below, or on my channel :)

PS. I am still trying to workout what video format I should use on my camera to be able to have the videos full screen in HD, instead of editing it in the youtube editor and applying a filter that zooms in a bit. It is the only way I can make the footage the right size. Soo annoying! If you vlog with a Canon Canon IXUS 200IS, let me know what settings you use and how you export your video in iMovie (size etc). I am clueless about it all to be honest.

Love, Sandra xo

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