Monday, 22 April 2013

Classic Ray-Bans or crazy floral frames?

First of all, how cute is this picture? :)  I couldn't resist putting a pair of Ray-Ban's on my baby boy. I was actually considering getting a pair of little designer sunglasses for him, but it would be a little bit silly, wouldn't it?

I might end up ordering him a pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses anyway, but I will definitely think twice before spending £50 on them. I am also thinking about getting some nice summer frames for myself and I am loving the mint Ray Ban's pictured below (£84.00). They are so pretty! 

The pink Dior sunglasses (£164) are also on my wishlist and I would love to have them in  my collection. I am getting a little bit bored with simple black designs and I always end up buying something more colourful for Summer. I will probably add the mint pair to my birthday wishlist. I am still obsessed with mint coloured accessories and clothes. 

Another design I can't get out of my head is the floral pair by Bryson. The frames look a little bit crazy, but I am in love with the neon yellow flowers! I am considering a DIY project to create something similar, maybe with pastel yellow, or mint.

Do you wear colourful sunglasses in Spring/Summer or stick to black all year round?

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