Monday, 10 September 2012

Interior design: My living room and some home decor inspiration

Hi everyone.

In my opinion living room is the most important part of every house. When I was a teenager I classified my bedroom as my living space :) but as an adult/wife/mum I definitely spend most of my time in the living room and it is really important to make it a space you really love and feel comfortable in. We changed the decor of our living room three times already and we've only been staying in this house for one and a half years. At the moment, we have one big corner sofa, a matching swivel chair and footstool , a tall TV unit, coffee tables and some baskets. I am quite happy with the current look, but my husband wants to get a long, low unit and put the TV on the wall to save space. He has been talking about it for months, because he hates the one we bought. We will see how it goes and I will add a new post, if we decide to change the interior again. The TV unit and coffee tables we bought are meant to look like walnut furniture but they are just an imitation. I hope we will be able to get solid wooden furniture soon and I will definitely consider  Lucce designs from interior addict.
The website offers a wide selection of furniture,  contemporary floor lamps , designer sofas , sofa beds  and everything else an interior addict needs :)  You can see some of the beautiful designs on the pictures below. I am in love with a combination of walnut furniture and green accents. It looks lovely. 
If I had to choose a sofa again, I would definitely go for dark grey or dark brown and it would have to be a sofa bed.
It is such a great idea, especially if you don't have a guest bedroom.

Here is a sneak peek of my living room. I hope you like it.

1. Palermo Sofa £2309 link
2. Enco Contemporary Floor Lamp £169 link
3. Lucce Round Walnut Side Table £169 link
4. Apella Floor Lamp Large £289 link
5. Tivoli Corner Sofa £1329 link
6. Lucce 4 drawer TV Stand £769 link

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