Sunday, 31 December 2017

Lifestyle: 2017 Recap

I shared my 2017 highlights on my Instagram stories today and I loved looking back on all the memories we have made this year. Comparing your life to someone's highlight reel on social media can make you feel a bit down, but appreciating the life you have and the people around you is what it's all about. I couldn't be more grateful for a year of making memories with my family and I thought I should share them on the blog too.

In January, we took Zachary and our nephew Elvis to see Marvel Universe Live. It was amazing!

In February, we went to Loch Lomond and had a fab day with the kids and vlogged it. I would love to vlog more to have something to look back on when the kids are bigger, but it takes so much time and effort to edit it all. 

In March I finally mastered crochet and amigurumi. I have always wanted to do it, as my mum is amazing at crochet and knitting so I am super proud of making some blankets and toys. Yay to new skills!

In April we had a lovely Easter and plenty of little adventures. I loooove taking photos of the kids, so precious!

In May we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. In February 2018 we will celebrate 10 years together. Can't quite believe it! Also in May, Scott turned 30! 

Also in May, my two younger sisters visited us, along with my niece Klara and Marta's baby bump. When we get together, we literally laugh so hard, we can't breathe! Having sisters is the best!

And the kids got to play together and made memories. xxx

In June, we had loads of fun at the beach and my sister Marta gave birth to her second daughter- Lila. I have 3 nieces and one nephew now and my mum and dad have 6 grandkids in total. 

Also in June, we celebrated Zac's 6th birthday. 

In July I celebrated my 30th birthday! WHAAAAAATTTT????

3 days later, Mia turned 2! Cutie pie!

Also in July, I finally visited the Emma Bridgewater factory and painted my own mug. And had lunch in the cafe. It was fab! Also met some chickens.

 In August, we took the kids to Edinburgh.

And stayed at the most stunning apartment at Princes Street Suites.

We also visited some amazing places in Glasgow. So much fun!

In September my dream came true and we finally went to Disneyland Paris with the kids. I cannot wait to go back.

SO magical!!! I cried at the Illuminations. 

We also drove to Poland and spent time with my family, met my new niece Lila and got to see my 92 year old grandmum, which was probably our final goodbye. Makes me so emotional just thinking about it. I took a few photos with her, but I won't post them out of respect and I was an absolute mess, crying my eyes out. I have never lost a close relative, so I am really scared of what's to come. But I am glad she got to see my kids, as that's why we made sure to go to Poland asap. She said to me that we will see each other again, which makes me think that I will get to give her another hug in 2018. 

In October we got into the Halloween spirit and took the kids to a pumpkin patch.

I also started taking more outfit photos for my instagram.

In November, my bestie came to visit and stayed with us for a week and it was so much fun. We don't normally see each other a lot due to the distance, so it was lovely spending more time together.

In December we had a lovely Christmas. It was out first vegan Christmas as well, as we went plant based in November.

And we even managed to have some fun in the snow. Perfect!

Such a fab year after all. We just want a bit of health in 2018, pretty please!!

Happy New Year everyone!


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