Monday, 13 March 2017

Life update: I am back.

Hi everyone. It's been almost a month since I last blogged, but... I am back. It has been a really tough month for us and to add to it my laptop stopped working, so I just took a break and I am actually really glad I did. I am now ready to work on some fresh content and I can't wait to get back to blogging regularly. So what have I been up to for the past month? Well ... Let's see.

First of all, I have been spending lots of time with my lovely family, giving the kids extra cuddles and going to the park etc. I even tidied the garden and cut the massive blackberry bushes - losing the battle, as I scraped my full body on the thorns and had body aches for days after and cramps in muscles I didn't even know existed, haha.

I've been crocheting LOADS! Making blankets and amigurumi toys for the kids. I absolutely love crochet. I am the 4th generation in my family and I am planning to teach Mia when she grows up. It's in my blood, I picked it up immediately and I really enjoy it. I even got my friend Rabia hooked, (no pun intended, but literally - I gave her a hook and everything, haha). We now meet for tea and crochet, like the old grannies we are at heart. Yay! And for food of course, mostly cake, but shhhhhhh! :)

I also started a page for my tassel blankets on Instagram, as I had a few enquiries after posting photos of my DIY blankets. You can order one on my Instagram page HERE. I will be starting an Etsy page for Threads & Tassels soon as well, but in the meantime just send me a DM on my instagram if you want to order one of these. I have cream and grey blankets available and you can pick either 12 small tassels or 5 chunky ones. Crochet border optional.  I love making these!

Not related to the photo above, but I've been walking loads as well (with my friend Rabia who is probably reading this, Hi!). I developed some weird lump on my foot though and it's getting uncomfortable so I have to get it checked. From what Dr Google says it's metatarso-cuneiform exostosis which means no more flats for me - I have been wearing flats for the past 5 years and they offer no support for the feet at all, so it's comfy supportive trainers from now on. I wore my New Balance ones today and I can already feel a difference. I will probably need an x-ray to confirm this, just like I did on my left ankle where I have a 'double ankle' - it's a cartilage growth shaped like a ball, so it looks like I have two ankles. Lovely, eh? Now adding that huge lump to it, I have a deformed left foot. That's what I get for trying to be fitter..... Grrrr! Good job I am not a foot model, LOL!

And a huge shoutout to my husband, who is the most amazing human to walk this planet and my absolute superhero! So lucky to have him in my life! February marked 9 years together for us and I still can't believe we were lucky enough to find each other.

Image result for you're my lobster gif
I never thought I would find 'my lobster' (see gifs above for reference, LOVE IT)  in another country, but here we are, two kids later, 6 years married (almost 7) and looking forward to an amazing future together. Hope I am not making you sick with this completely unplanned PDA :) haha. Sorry, I will stop now.

I will be back with loads of beauty reviews and lifestyle content in a few days. Might even give the old bloggy a little revamp. Who knows :)

Lots of love

Sandra xxx

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