Sunday, 25 September 2016

Primark Liquid Lipsticks

I really wanted to try some metallic liquid lipsticks, so when I found some in Primark at £2.00 each, I couldn't resist. I picked up a gold, a sparkly burgundy and also a matte brown. 

The formula of these is insanely pigmented and applies beautifully. The metallics dry super quick, so you don't have much time to play around with them. I needed two layers for a completely opaque finish. The dark brown takes much longer to dry, but I also needed two coats.

 From left to right: Karla, Goddess, Queen. (before they dried, you can see them dry on the lips below)

 Karla is a dark matte nude brown. It's such a nice shade. It is super pigmented and applies really nicely, but it never dries 100%, so I have to apply translucent powder on top to make it feel completely dry. It lasts pretty well (a good 5-6 hours), but it fades during eating etc.

 Goddess is also a stunning shade. Deep burgundy with copper shimmer. I am in love! It is a bit drying though and crumbles after a while, but I love the colour and finish soooo much!

 Last but not least., we have Queen - a proper metallic gold. I actually really like it. I might not wear it on it's own, but it looks nice applied in the centre of the lips, on top of Goddess. The formula is the same as the latter, a bit drying and slightly crumbly after a while.

Overall, I can't really complain about these. £2.00 for a liquid lipstick is just awesome, especially for such stunning shades! I don't mind reapplying it during the day.

Have you tried these?

Sandra xxx



  1. I cant believe how pigmented these are for just £2!! I think I'll be adding these to my next primark buys!! Fab post chick


  2. I was not expecting these to be so highly pigmented! Great value for money!!

    Neelam | x

  3. Ooh these look awesome!! I'll definitely try these out when I can! Are there many shades to chose from?

  4. Ooh I definetely want to try Karla it looks lovely !!


  5. Omg...they look amazing on your lips <3

  6. I wish I'd picked up these when I was in Primark today! For £2 they're an absolute steal, such pretty shades x

    Gemma Louise

  7. These are so pretty and all look lovely on you, I must check these out next time I'm out shopping xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo


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