Saturday, 25 June 2016

FOOD: Chiquitos Breakfast

I just found this blog post in my drafts and I thought I should share it, before I totally forget about it. We don't eat out a lot (once every 3-4 months probably), especially when it comes to breakfast, but our local Chiquitos (in Hamilton) is so good and quiet in the morning, that it is perfect for a family feast, so we've been about 5 times already.

I usually opt for the Veggie Breakfast Sizzler at only £5.45 which comes with two fried eggs, two hash browns, roasted vegetables, baked beans, flat mushrooms and roasted tomatoes and it's served on a warm skillet. Yuuum! The roasted veggies are my favourite part. I did try the avocado and poached egg on toast as well and it was delicious too, probably even better than the veggies sizzler.

Scott always orders the Breakfast Feast (£8.95) which is for a proper carnivore! Eggs, pork & leek sausages, back bacon, flat mushrooms, hash browns, roasted tomatoes and baked beans. I think this option varies, as sometimes you can get black pudding or sauteed potatoes as well.

Oh, and kids eat free, which is an added bonus. Zachary is fussy, but he's fine with toast, beans, hash browns etc for breakfast, so he was able to eat something too. We offered him some bacon this time as well, but he didn't want it, which is fine, as I am not keen on my kids eating red meat anyway. It was more about getting him to try new flavours and textures. Mia demolishes everything, so ordering for her is never a problem :) The last time she had scrambled egg, toast and baked beans.

As they offer unlimited refills on Tea & Coffee at only £1.95, we usually start with a decaf latte and then have another one before we leave. It's always perfect.

We're actually going for a Chiquitos breakfast tomorrow and I cannot wait. I might get avocado and egg on toast again :) 

Have you tried their breakfast menu?



  1. Ah! I love Chiquitos I've never had their breakfast before though I might have to try it! Looks lovely. I really fancy their peri peri prawns and chilli con carne burrito now! mmmmm haha!
    Lots of love, Alicia xoxo

  2. I've never heard of this place before but it looks really good, I love how the place is decorated as well. I must be the opposite of you because I tend to always go out for breakfast but nothing else really!

  3. We eat out quiet often and we always go to Chiquitos whenever we go shopping at the metro centre. I have never tried the breakfasts though, they look amazing and fantastic value. My little two are fussy so it's great kids eat free, they would probably only eat toast xx

  4. I've never tried their breakfast menu but I'm about to go look it up now after seeing this :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog


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