Sunday, 17 April 2016

Weight Loss Update #2

I am currently in my bed, shivering and sweating with flu and extreme back pain and I feel like I am on some sort of drugs. Grrrrr.... I have no idea where the back pain came from, but it is soooo bad! I won't go into too much detail, but I am worried I might have a kidney infection. If the pain continues, I am going to the doctors tomorrow. What about the weight loss? I lost 2 lbs this week, which brings me to a total of 9lbs lost.

Due to the back pain that started last weekend, I wasn't able to exercise at all and I am struggling to do basic tasks. Sleeping is a nightmare and lying on my side while breastfeeding triggers the pain in my lower back and I just want to scream. Paracetamol helps for a while, but I hate taking anything and avoided it till last night, when I was in actual agony and couldn't sleep.

I ate great meals most of the week, as I didn't actually have the flu till this weekend, but for the past 3 days, I have been mostly eating dry stuff, like toast etc. I made some beetroot soup as well yesterday to help me feel better. Yum.

I am not restricting calories, as I am breastfeeding and I have to make sure I eat enough to keep producing milk for Mia. I am just focusing on continuing to eat healthy meals, with lots of veggies, good fats and protein from fish, beans etc.

I am also trying to drink a lot of water and herbal teas and avoid caffeine as it gives me a sore head and dairy which gives me spots. I cut out dairy completely for a while and my skin cleared up in no time. As soon as I started eating it again, the spots came back.... I am not cutting dairy out completely, but I am trying to keep it minimal.

Overall, it wasn't the best week, but I lost 2lbs and that's great. If I keep losing 2 lbs per week, I will reach my goal by next Spring! I just can't wait to be able to start exercising, as it really helps me to tone up. One thing I don't want is lots of loose skin and exercise helps to prevent that. I am assuming that I will need a tummy tuck or a full body lift, but we will see. I might be lucky. Surgery freaks me out and I am terrified of being put to sleep and complications, so it would be my last option. Scary stuff. 

9 lbs gone
91 lbs to go.



  1. Both times I have had proper flu(not just bad cold/virus) it's started with horrendous back pain which lasted right through

    1. It is horrible. I have never experienced such pain, except when I was in labour. It actually feels like labour pains when I was having my first child and he was back to back and putting pressure on my spine.

      I am finally sweating it out, which is usually a good sign, so here's hoping it goes away soon.

  2. Congratulations of losing 9lb, good luck on the rest of your journey :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  3. Aww I hope you feel better soon and well done for the pounds you have lost thus far.. I too I'm trying to get more fit and get washboard abs as my son will be one next week and I have no more excuses as to why I look like a couch potato 😜💕

  4. Well done! 9 is fantastic :)
    Lucy xoxo

  5. Well done and I hope you're soon feeling better lovely, sending big hugs xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo


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