Saturday, 5 March 2016

Chiquito lunch date + new street food menu.

I absolutely love Chiquito, so I was delighted to be invited to check out their new menu with a big selection of street food. It's basically like tapas and it is fab for those who like trying a selection of different dishes. We went to our favourite branch in Hamilton Palace. It is a great location, with a huge ASDA next to it and a variety of stores, Boots, a cinema etc.

The menu offers a great variety of dishes and all vegetarian options are clearly marked on the menu, which was very handy for me, as after a couple of years as a meat eater, I went back to being vegetarian and I am so much happier. 

 We started with Street Food and opted for 6 different dishes at £23.95. Three for me and three for Scott.

 As we don't really drink alcohol (maybe a couple of drinks once a year), we opted for virgin mojitos with alcohol free ginger beer and they were absolutely delicious! Yuum! We were also served some popcorn before the starters arrived and it was lovely. 

 I could go one of these right now!

 When the street food arrived, I couldn't contain my excitement. It all looked very appetising and colourful and was served beautifully.

 My three dishes were vegetarian and Scott opted for meat, as he only eats vegetarian meals at home and whatever he fancies when we're eating out. This works great for me, as I don't have any meat in my house and don't have to deal with it, yay!

 The star of the menu - lightly fried crunchy halloumi bites topped with a sweet cranberry salsa. Oh my god! I can't even describe how nice these are! I was tempted to order another portion. I can't wait to go back and have more. If you like halloumi or want to try it, these are the way to go!

 My quesadillas bites (tortillas) were filled with sweet potato & feta and tomato salsa and topped with mozarella. Scott picked the option with chicken, chorizo and sweetcorn.

 I also ordered this lovely little Fiesta salad - a light salsa of cucumber ribbons, chilli beetroot, orange, pomegranate, and pineapple, garnished with fresh red chilli and coriander.  It was delicious, juicy and refreshing.

 Scotts first choice were crispy tortillas filled with spicy chicken, melted cheese and topped with sour cream. I am not gonna lie, I wish there was a vegetarian option available as the crispy tortillas looked sooo good.

Obviously, Scott couldn't resist the beef meatballs in a tomato & hot Habanero sauce. He liked them, but said that nothing compares to my mum's meatballs :) Yep, my mum makes the best meatballs.

 The chicken, chorizo and sweetcorn quesadillas bites I mentioned before.

 A little closeup of the amazing halloumi bites. My mouth is watering right now!

 We ordered the mains from the lunch menu and the prices are fantastic! Mine was £6.95 and Scotts was £7.25! Both dishes come with a side of chips and coleslaw.

 I went for the Feta & Roasted Veg Wrap and it was a good choice. It was filled with lovely roasted vegetables (peppers, red onion, sweet potato), lettuce, feta cheese and a cranberry salsa. I was also pleasantly surprised with a side salad on my plate with pickled onion which was delicious!

 Closeup, because who doesn't love some food porn.

 Scott ordered the classic burger and I was relieved to hear that he really liked it. 

 As both of us have big appetites, we had to get desserts too. We decided to share, so we could try more than one thing.

 We love Chiquito's coffee so lattes were a must! Soo good!

 Churros are obligatory at Chiquito's. You just have to try them! Delicious soft dough, fried until crispy and golden, drenched with cinnamon sugar, served with fresh raspberries and a pot of chocolate sauce for dipping. I am dreaming about a portion of these. Give me all the churros!

We also wanted to try the Mexican Mess - Chiquito's take on Eton Mess. The dessert comes in an edible cinnamon tortilla basket filled with churros, a chocolate brownie, chocolate sauce, raspberry pieces and raspberry ripple ice cream, all topped with cream. Heavenly!

 Some dipping action for you :)


 I absolutely adore the decor in every Chiquito restaurant, as it feels super cosy and homely, with great music playing in the background.

 How cool are the signs on the toilet doors :)

 I might have took photos of the toilet wallpaper too :) 

 I love the decor so much! Nice rustic feel.

Overall, we had an amazing time and the food was fantastic. I would definitely recommend trying Chiquito's new street food menu, as it gives you a chance to try a variety of flavours and dishes at a great price. I am soooo going back soon to try more.

Find out more about the menu and your nearest branch at

*we were kindly sent vouchers to use towards the meal

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