Wednesday, 6 January 2016

My Doona Moments #doonamoments

I reviewed my Doona here a while ago and I also shared my thoughts on all the accessories (link), but today I wanted to share my #doonamoments with you. From quick shopping trips to doctors appointments, it's a lifesaver!

I seriously can't imagine my life without the Doona. It is simply incredible. Car seat and stroller in one, which makes my life so much easier. I do have a proper stroller too (review coming soon), but the Doona is very handy for everyday life.

 Number 1 reason to have the Doona - doctors appointments and vaccinations. You are not allowed to take a stroller into the doctors surgery and you have to leave it outside the waiting room (fire hazard or something), but... you can have a car seat with you, so imagine the receptionists face when I transform the stroller into a car seat within seconds :) haha. Life saver! People hate me a bit for it, but I am sitting in the waiting room with a smug face. Sorry, not sorry :) haha.

 Popping into a shop for essentials or to grab a quick coffee has never been easier. Doona is really small, so you can easily keep it next to your table without annoying everybody else and blocking the walkway.

 Fantastic for train and bus rides. Here's Mia's first little ride on a train.

It was Zachary's first train ride too :) He loved it!

Strolls in the park (I miss Summer so much!)

Even Zachary can have a go at pushing his little sister thanks to the adjustable handle that goes down to his level :)

Oh my, I forgot how chubby Mia's cheeks used to be :)

Waiting for her brother to go down the slide :)

If you want to see more #doonamoments, simply check the hashtag on instagram and Twitter.

*I was kindly sent the Doona for review purposes

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