Saturday, 5 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide 2015: Personalised Gifts

I love personalised gifts, as they are extra special and very thoughtful. I was recently contacted by who asked me to pick a couple of things from their website to showcase on my blog and I opted for two little presents for Mia and Zac and a keepsake for me and Scott.

Big Brothers Are Great*(£9.99)
Zachary is a great big brother, so I couldn't resist ordering this book. It explains how awesome it is to be a big brother and the personalisation makes it even more special. He was amazed when he heard me read his name and gets excited finding it on every page. Such a lovely idea.

The Personalised Cheeseboard*(£29.99) would be perfect for newlywed couples, but I ordered it as a little wedding keepsake. I actually didn't want the 'first married christmas' engraving on it and only picked the names and the date of our wedding, but it's fine. It's actually our 5th Christmas as a married couple. The cheeseboard is made from beech wood and comes with four cheese tools inside, that simply slide out from underneath. Can't wait to have a 'cheese night'.

The last thing I picked is this Personalised Wooden Crate* (£29.99). I didn't realise how small it is till it arrived, but it's still a good size.. I decided to put 'Mia's Tutus' on the front and I keep her tutus in it. So cute. You can get it in many different colours and it is perfect for storing bits and bobs, like toys or accessories. 

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  1. Great gift idea!!

  2. I love personalised gift and I will definitely be purchasing some things from this site for my little brothers. I love the personalised books, I remember having one when I was younger and I know that my brothers would love one too. I have also written a couple of gift guides on my blog recently and you are welcome to have a look.

    Paige X

  3. I love personalised gifts, it's a gift that is well remembered and usually the one's that nobody thinks to purchase. xx

    Kate | A British Sparkle


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