Monday, 23 November 2015

New on my bookshelf/ possible gift ideas.

I wish I had more time to read books. I used to be such a bookworm! I very rarely read 'proper books' these days, maybe a couple per year. That's why I love books I can quickly flick through when I am having a cuppa, 'coffee table books' etc. I have lots of them in my collection, but today I want to share with you some recent additions. 

Simply Glamorous* (£25.00) by Gary Cockerill
If you love books about makeup, this one by a celebrity make-up artist Gary Cockerill is a must have. Known for his glamorous, sultry make-up style, he teaches us how to create a variety of looks for women of all ages. The book is divided into chapters about Face, Eyes and Lips and it presents 15 makeovers, from subtle to dramatic. There's also a lot of interesting information about different aspects of makeup and various techniques: contouring, false lashes, smokey eye etc. Great book for a makeup addict or for those who simply want to learn more about makeup.

I love recipe books, especially when they have lots of colourful pictures inside. Nikkei cuisine is all about Japanese dishes inspired by Japanese immigrants allover the world. If you have interest in Japanese or South American cooking and discovering new flavours, you might want to pick up a copy. The book features a selection of 'home style dishes' and recipes from top Nikkei restaurants around the world.  PS. The author, Luiz Hara also has a blog, if you want to have a nosy :)

When it comes to alcohol, I only drink it when it tastes amazing. Cocktails are my thing, preferably virgin ones, haha. I know... I am such a party animal.... This book is fantastic and it includes recipes for 60 innovative and exciting cocktails, from classics to very unusual combinations. I also love the photographs and illustrations. It would be a great Christmas present for cocktail lovers!

Believe it or not.. . I still haven't been to London (except catching a bus to Milton Keynes at the Victoria station when I first arrived in the UK)... I am planning my first visit next Summer though, so this book is a great foodie guide to help me decide where to eat. The book is not only full of great recommendations, but it also includes beautiful imagery. My favourite chapter is the one about 'Rooms With a View'. 

This book is more for my husband to be honest, as he is interested in design and loves DIY. We are renting a house, but the garden is a disaster, so I am hoping that this book will help us sort it out, as it demonstrates how to make the most of any outside space. 

Terrariums - Gardens Under Glass* (£15.99) by Maria Colletti
You might think I am crazy, talking about Terrariums, but they are actually very popular at the moment and I am currently on the lookout for my first one. I have seen so many beautiful designs, I just have to pick one. Once I have it, I can create my own 'interior garden'. This book is full of advice, with step-by-step photos of over twenty different designs. If you are interested in terrariums. or know someone who is into indoor plants, succulents etc, this book would be perfect.

All of these would work well as Christmas presents, depending on the interests of the person you're buying for. My Scrabble also made a little cameo on the photo above :) Love it!

All the books are available from, and other stockists.

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  1. Reading this makes me realise how much I've missed reading - there just doesn't seem to be enough time in a day recently! I love these for a flick through - great idea :)

    Life As Lissy

  2. This was such a different type of post to read, and I really liked it. Great blog and I especially like your style of photographs.

    Carrie xx


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