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Bouncy chair / baby swing dilemma.

I thought I had the whole parenting thing nailed, until Mia was born, haha :) What worked for Zachary, who is now 4 years old, doesn't work for Mia and vice versa. He was an angel, she is a little devil. Just kiddin. She is actually not that bad, just needs a lot more attention. I didn't keep Zac's bouncy chair, as it was all worn out, so I had to buy something new. He had a cheap one from Littlewoods, with music and vibration and he loved it! Mia napped on a baby beanbag for the fisrt 6-7 weeks and was super happy on it, but when she finally reached her original due date (she was 5 weeks premature), it all changed. I got her a cheap bouncy chair from Mothecare to see if she likes it and.... she absolutely hates it!!!

It looks lovely and cute (here's a photo on my instagram) and I didn't even think it could be badly designed, but it is. She looks very uncomfortable in it and the straps are in the wrong places. Her head isn't supported and I wouldn't even leave her in it for a minute on her own while making a cuppa or something. That's why we need a new option. I don't think a simple bouncer will cut it though. I am thinking about a swing. I am actually considering one of the fancy ones, because I need some time to do things, like housework etc and let Mia just do her thing for a couple of minutes. And no, I can't let her cry for too long, as she is the worst screamer and goes all purple. I am not a fan of the 'cry it out' method anyway... It also gives babies wind, which leads to more screaming. Needles to say, she is literally stuck to me 24/7 - even now when I am writing this post (I am breastfeeding, lying down on my side and writing with one hand - I am a pro at this, haha).

Anyway, here are the options I am considering.
Nuna Leaf (£160)
This beauty is possibly the nicest baby chair I have ever seen. The design is very elegant and stylish and it will look amazing in any living room/baby room etc. It comes in more colours as well. It doesn't require batteries, which is fab - I hate running out of batteries! You simply push it gently and it moves for 2 minutes with a special motion mechanism. It is the only baby chair that can be used after the 'baby stage' as it can hold kids up to 60kg - whaaaat? Sounds and looks amazing! Zachary could chill in it too and I am sure he would love the idea :)

Buy 4Moms mamaRoo Baby Rocker, Multi Online at

4Moms mamaRoo (£259.95)
Even more pricey than Nuna, but just look at it. It is almost a space ship! The mamaRoo bounces up and down and sways from side to side to copy comforting parent movements.  Clever! It comes with reversible toy balls and built-in nature sounds. You can also connect any mp3 player, if you want your baby to listen to specific music. And guess what - you can control it with a smart device via bluetooth!!! Magic! 

Buy 4Moms rockaRoo Rocker, Grey Online at

4Moms rockaRoo (£159.95)
A different version of the mamaRoo - the rockaRoo. It rocks like a rocking horse, which maximizes the sensation of motion for your baby. Again, design is very modern and elegant. It can also be pushed manually and you can buy a toy bar for it as well. Suitable for babies up to 9kg.
The 3-in-1 rocker is the only option that requires you to do the work, but I really like the design. You can use it as a little lie-flat daybed if your baby falls asleep while playing etc and I love that feature. It also vibrates and the toy bar looks awesome! Have a look at the other pictures online.
I was recommended this swing by more than one mum and I love the neutral colours and cute toy bar. It features 2  recline positions, 6 vibrating speeds and 4 seat positions. You can also choose from 10 classic melodies and 6 sounds to entertain your baby. It looks like it's quite high as well so baby is at your level, when you're sitting on the sofa.
PS. I have the Graco Contour Electra Travel cot which I adore and can't recommend enough and they do it in the Benny and Bell design as well. 

I adore the theme of this gorgeous swing. It is adorable and the grey colour is right up my street. The swing has an adjustable light canopy with twinkling light shows and MP3 compatibility. Amazing! You can choose from five motion settings and a choice of lullabies with volume control.  It is also foldable for easy storage! 

Another lovely design from Mamas & Papas. Just like the previous one, it is foldable so you can store it easily! It doesn't have the cool canopy, but the toy bar is lovely and I think it's great value for money.

V.I.B Mars Swing
VIB Mars Swing (£34.99)
The last option is actually a bargain and I might just start with that and see how Mia gets on with it. It features variable swing and speed settings and a selection of nursery rhymes. It also looks quite comfy and has a 5 point harness.

So much choice! I seriously don't know what to get, as Mia is such a diva... I think I will start with the cheapest option, which is the VIB Mars Swing to see if she likes it at all. She might hate swings, so I don't want to go out and spend lots of money right away. If this doesn't work, I will probably get the Nuna Leaf, as it uses a different motion than a swing. The 4Moms mamaRoo would be my last resort, as it is over my budget at the moment, but if I had the money, I would just buy it right now to soothe this little munchkin. 

PS. This post is not sponsored and doesn't include any paid for links. I just spent all day looking at bouncy chairs and swings for babies and I though I will put together a quick post to help me decide and get your opinion as well. Please let me know what worked for your baby.

Sandra x



  1. I got the Graco Little Lounger as it looks so comfy and snug, but I love the look of the Mamas & Papas Starlight Swing, wish I had seen this before! xx

  2. Had no swing chair for first baby, then borrowed one for second and wow what a difference - I could eat a meal in peace and pop to the loo. So when 3Rd was born I knew I would need one. Ours was most similar to the cheapest option on your list (it may have been same one but at the time was about £60 on Amazon) and it was brilliant! We used it so much. Hope you find a good solution for you and Mia xxx

  3. My friend just got the 4mom one ( not sure what model ) but she swears by it. Apparently it's good for little space. I don't have children, but id start from the bottom and work my way up specially something they will out grow. I know in Canada we have mom to mom sites, where mom's trade stuff , look into something in the UK that's like that.


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