Saturday, 19 September 2015

Toddler OOTD: back to basics

I used to feature Zachary's outfits on my old mummy blog, but since I merged it with this one, there has been no toddler OOTD's. It's time to change it :) Zachary grew out of a lot of his stuff recently and most of the new things I bought him are very basic. Grey, black, navy, white. I am trying to stick to these colours. They are easy style and he doesn't look like a clown - husbands description when Zac wears colourful clothes, haha. 

The F&F Superhero joggers (£7.00) are a must have in any boys wardrobe. They are very reasonably priced and look really cool with a simple t-shirt, like this H&M Conscious Longsleeve Top (2pack £5.99) in dark navy blue - it matches the superhero sings on the bottoms :)

The H&M high top trainers (£6.99) are also a bargain and I will have to buy them in bigger sizes in the future. Simple, but very nice. The laces are elasticated and there is a velcro strap on the top, which means that Zachary can take them on and off by himself.

If you are wondering where the ball is from - Ikea. And the lovely striped rug  is from h&m (£14.99).

I just placed a big h&m order for Zachary, so there will be more outfits soon :)

Any recommendations for where to buy very basic kids clothing?

Sandra x

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