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100 years of fitness in 100 seconds

Staying fit and healthy is very important and I am really happy to see more people focusing on their well-being and fitness rather than aiming to be a size 0 and restricting their diet. I am not the fittest or slimmest person myself , but I still make sure to include some exercise in my life. There is no excuse really, as we have plenty of options these days. Have you ever wondered how men and women exercised a 100 years ago? 

It all looked a bit different than what we are used to now. Starting with gentle stretches in 1910s to Aerobics in the 1980s, Street Dance in 2000s and Zumba in 2010s, exercise definitely evolved massively and became a huge part of our lives. You can see it all in the '100 Years of Fitness in 100 Seconds' video, created by Benenden.

I love this video! It is so interesting to see the changes in different movements and even the outfits. I mean... imagine exercising in a long skirt, a shirt and heels? It's just crazy to think that  women in the 1910s considered stretching a form of serious exercise. Apparently it was meant to help to 'develop hips and ease constipation'.

1960s were possibly the most bizarre in terms of exercise. Women attended 'figure salons' where they used odd looking equipment that didn't require any effort. They just wore their regular clothes and leaned against weird rollers etc. Hilarious! Gyms nowadays are full of amazing machines and the choice of fitness gear available is overwhelming, so we should probably stop making excuses, right?

My favourite era must be the 80s, because I am a huge aerobics fan. It is probably my favourite form of indoor exercise and I absolutely love it! I definitely wear less crazy attire than the lady in the video though :)

There are plenty of simple routines everyone can follow at home and you can just take it easy or do something more advanced to burn a lot of calories. You will need a yoga mat, an aerobic step, good trainers and dumbbells and you are basically sorted. It's all cheap and easy to store and you don't need lots of space to do all the moves either. With youtube being full of  free exercise videos, it couldn't be easier! Aerobics, yoga, pilates, muscle workouts and more- it's all there for you to enjoy. And if you feel like you need some guidance, you can always attend your local gym or a specific class and get a couple of sessions with a personal trainer or instructor.

You can find out more about exercise in all the different eras here. Such a good read! Make sure to watch the accompanying videos featured on the website too because some of them are absolutely hilarious!

What is your favourite form of exercise?

*collaboration with Benenden



  1. The video was really fun and interesting to watch!

  2. This is so cool! I love these kind of videos.



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