Thursday, 6 November 2014

Saying 'I Love You' To Your Children

I have been meaning to write this post for ages, but I feel like now is the perfect time. Why? Because I noticed that my little boy says 'I love You' A LOT! It melts my heart every single time and I am bursting with pride, love and happiness.
I don't remember my parents saying 'I Love You' to me or my three sisters. I know that they love me very much, but it just wasn't something we did as a family. We would only write it on birthday cards or in texts. It makes me a bit sad, because saying it should be natural and comfortable. 

Me and my husband say 'I Love You' a lot. Not as much as we used to, when we first met etc, but we still do and it feels natural. As soon as Zachary was born, I just couldn't help myself to say the three beautiful words to him countless times a day. It just slips out, all the time. I can't stop, haha. I say it when he wakes up, when we cuddle, when I just look at him, when we laugh, when he cries, when he goes to sleep. 

I just love him sooooo much, that showing it isn't enough.  I think it is very important to express your feelings verbally from a young age. It helps a lot with being more open . It makes me happy to know that at the age of 3 Zachary knows the meaning of love and actually says it spontaneously multiple times a day. I say it about a hundred times a day (no joke, I really do!). Some might think it's excessive, some will agree, that you can't say 'I Love You' too many times. 

I didn't plan it, I knew I will try to say it as much as I can, but it came naturally when Zac was born and it is something I will continue to do for the rest of my life. I want my son to tell me that he loves me, without feeling ashamed of it. It is something to be proud of. 

Oh... Honestly... I am not sure, if it's just me, but sometimes I cry happy tears when Zachary says 'I Love You'. I am far too emotional, but there is nothing wrong with happy tears. I just feel blessed :)

How do you feel about the three magic words? Do you say  'I Love You' a lot?

Sandra x


  1. I completely agree with you - my mum always said it to me and that's really stuck with me. I say it to my nieces and nephews constantly! x

  2. :D I think you can never say it too much either. It really shows they are thinking of you all the time. I wish I had a child to say it to, but one day I'll get goosebumps when I hear them say "I love you mummy". It'd make even the worst days the best.

  3. I totally agree, I say it to all my children all the time. Me and my mum still say it to each other, usually at the end of phone calls. I like it to be natural to just say it because you are feeling it! xx


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