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Travel: Autumn In Dublin

With Autumn just around the corner, we might start planning some holidays to hot countries to get some sunshine, or... weekend getaways and city breaks to explore new places. I am slowly starting to feel more comfortable with asking Zachary's grandparents to watch him, so I have a little list of cities I want to visit. I want to start with destinations that are only a 1 hour flight away and one of them is Dublin.

I think it's very odd that people who stay in the UK don't travel to neighbouring countries more often, especially when the English say that they've never been to Scotland. Whaaaaat? Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with views that simply take your breath away. That's why I decided to live here :) 

Anyway... Why plan a city break in Autumn, when the weather starts to be a bit gloomy and you will most likely need an umbrella? Well... I don't really like hot weather anymore. I think I am getting too old for it. It makes me feel uncomfortable and I can't really enjoy myself. In Autumn, I can either wear something light if it's still sunny (September is perfect!), or add layers (jumper, jacket) to keep me warm during the colder days. If it rains, you just need a good umbrella, or a cute little cafe with and a cup of hot chocolate to keep you dry and warm. Sounds good to me :)

Why Dublin? I've heard many good things about it. From the architecture to the atmosphere. It just sounds lovely. I am also dying to hear the Irish accent too. Apart from that, I want to explore the parks, museums and galleries, as it is something I love doing. My husband is all about the food though, so we will have to discuss the itinerary and compromise. Some of the parks I want to see are the Phoenix Park (the largest enclosed city park in Europe) and a smaller one - Iveagh Gardens. I also want to visit the National Museum, National Gallery to see some beautiful paintings and the Science Gallery, which might interest my husband as well. 

We might even try the bikes to help us get to some places quicker, or maybe join the free tour. Apparently, the bikes are free for the first 30 minutes and the city tour is free too and you can tip the tour guy, if you feel like it :) I obviously would.  

I would have to do a little bit of shopping too, especially on one of the markets. Dublin is meant to have a fantastic food market - Temple Bar, on every Saturday. It would be amazing to visit the city during the St. Patricks Festival to see how the locals celebrate it. There are plenty of other festivals as well, including The Dublin Culture Night, which sounds amazing! All the museums, galleries etc offer free entry for everyone for one night only and you can enjoy some special events too. Perfect time for tourists! 

I always see the Irish spirit in movies and it makes me want to pack my bags and go to Ireland to see what it's all about. Starting with a city break in Dublin and following with a couple of days in the countryside would be perfect. You can book a hotel via Hotel Direct easily and their deals are pretty good in my opinion.

If you are Irish, let me know what places I should visit? I would really appreciate it.

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  1. I'd love to visit Dublin some day. It seems really nice city :)

  2. You should go to The Long Room in Trinity College to see the Book of Kells, Elephant & Castle in Temple Bar for chicken wings & enjoy a stroll down Grafton St where there are nice shops & buskers!

  3. HI Sandra,

    I am from Dublin and I would say get a city bus tour. I always do them when I travel to cities as they are a great way to see a lot of the sites and to also get a lay of the land.

    I work for a tour operator company and some of the most popular places to visit in Dublin are Trinity College for the book of Kells, St Patricks Cathedral (not sure if that is something I would want to do but its is a very popular spot with our guests), the Guinness Storehouse and the Jameson Distillery. If you want to travel outside of the city Powerscourt Estate and Malahide Castle are two spots that are popular also. Howth harbour is also a lovely place to visit for the day if the weather is nice.

    I went to the leprechaun Museum a few summers ago with my friends and it is a great laugh. The viking splash adventure tour also looks like great fun :)

    I hope this helps you :)


  4. Hiya, having lived in Newcastle, I managed to hop over to different parts of England and Scotland. Loved it : ) I love the autumn season too, it is my favourite. I love seeing the autumn leaves. Have you been over to central Europe..? I am looking to go again, do you happen to know the recommended period to go to central Europe? I can't take cold weather, or too hot.. A cooling in-between weather would be lovely. That's why autumn is best, I think : ) x Thanks now.

  5. Aww you will love Dublin - so full of life! If you are bringing Zach I would highly recommend the zoo in phoenix park! Its wonderful! Be aware though, it is quite expensive. My bank balance weeped when I went haha!

  6. I've never been to Dublin, only to Belfast and it was lovely. Hope you have a great time :) xxx

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  7. You should definitley go to brown thomas on Grafton street it has all the big brands like Jo Malone,Michael Kors and loads of makeup brands.

  8. I lived in Dublin for over 20 years till we moved down the country & really miss the galleries etc. If you're coming over end Sept-beginning Oct. you must check out the Dublin Theatre Festival. Anything from huge productions to little cosy ones, take your pick. Here's a link to the festival event guide: Hope you have a ball but please be aware that like any modern city Dublin has its share of drugs, pickpockets, no-go areas etc.

  9. Never had Dublin as a choice but now I might even consider it!
    Afeeyah xo

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