Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Guest Post: Little touches to make your house a home

Hi everyone, I have a guest post for you today, all about little touches to make your house a home. I hope you like it :) 

It’s very important to make the distinction between a house and a home. The bricks and the roof tiles that provide a shelter are just a physical structure, but a home is so much more. A home is where you make memories, where you enjoy the company of family and friends, and most importantly, where you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. However, it’s not always easy to transform a house into a home. Some houses are much more naturally suited to being homes than others. With a little work and a few of the following tips, however, you’ll soon find that it’s easy to turn one into the other. The best bit is that it doesn’t even have to cost a fortune, with small details making big differences. 

Add some colour 
Neutral colours may increase the chances of selling your property, or at least, that’s what we’re always told by agents. That’s largely because they create the impression of a blank canvas. However, if you’re buying a house, once it’s yours, feel free to be bold with the colour choices in your home. 

Light it right 
The importance of light in creating the feel of a home can’t be underestimated. Use lamps, up-lights, spot lights, chandeliers - basically whatever it takes to create the feeling of a warm and welcoming space. 

Embrace the flaws 
Sometimes accidents happen - wine gets spilled, tea stains soak in and furniture gets scratched. Yes, it can be irritating when it happens but a home with no little flaws is a home with no stories to tell. After all, no one really wants to live in a show home. 

Picture this 
Pictures on the walls, whether they’re of family and friends, holiday snaps or just some of favourite artwork all help to give your home its own identity. 

Use heirlooms 
We’ve all got the odd heirloom in the family. Some of them are so hideous you have to wonder what your great granny was thinking, but others possess a charm and character that can be a real focal point of any home. Remember that even if you don’t love it now, your feelings can always change over time. So bring out the antique vases and portraits, and if you still really hate them, you can always upcycle. 

Know your neighbours 
One of the most important things about a home is that makes up part of a wider community. Yes you want to be able to shut the door and enjoy some peace and quiet but getting to know the neighbours can really make you feel like you belong.

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