Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Guest Post: Get Your Nails Prepped For Summer

Hi everyone! I very rarely accept guest posts, but I really love this nail art tutorial and I couldn't wait to share it with you. It's very Summer appropriate, absolutely gorgeous and... it couldn't be more simple to recreate! Let me know, if you will be giving this cute scallop design a go. I am planning to try it this weekend.

Get your nails prepped for summer 

Perfectly polished nails are something very important to us ladies. Having beautiful nails contributes to our confidence levels, but with our busy lifestyles, we have become accustomed to bare and chipped nails so when our nails are filed and perfectly polished it’s considered somewhat of an achievement. Going to the salon is an obvious solution to a jam-packed daily schedule however this also comes with a hefty price tag for something that you could simply do yourself. You can easily find nail buffers, files and specialist nail polishes online or on the high street. 

Nail art helps to make your nails stand out from the traditional one colour or French manicure and by adding detailed designs you can easily create an impressive masterpiece on your fingernails. More people than ever are using nail art to express their style, including celebrities from the worlds of sports, fashion and music. Even during the London 2012 Olympics, many female participants showcased their nail art to celebrate the prestigious sporting event. 

As hard as nail art seems, it is actually incredibly straight forward, as long as you follow the correct steps. It’s almost as easy as painting your nails with one colour! 

Scalloped nail effect 
If you want to make your nails look perfect this Summer, you might like this simple nail tutorial for a pink scalloped manicure, which is very easy to follow, even for nail art newbies. You can swap the colours around, or even use a combination of more polishes to create this funky design. It's totally up to you.

Complete the look! 
Your scalloped nails will go with any outfit and are suitable for any occasion. For a casual look, simply team it up with a monochrome outfit, a black skater skirt, a white boxy t-shirt, beige gladiator sandals and a funky tribal necklace.

*collaboration with Supersavvyme



  1. These nail designs look amazing!!! :D Thank you for sharing, I cannot wait to try them out! :)

    -Lauren x

  2. I think this is even something could attempt & I am so bad at nail art.

  3. I love the design, if only my hands weren't so shaky, I'd love to try this x


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