Sunday, 22 June 2014

Toddler Clothing Haul: George at ASDA sale

My local Asda has a big sale on children's clothing at the moment and I couldn't resist picking up a couple of items for Zachary. I actually went to the shop to get potatoes, but I came out with these :) haha. Typical.... If you do your groceries in Asda, make sure to check out their clothing section for some real bargains. 90% of Zachary's wardrobe is from their collection and I think that the quality is spot on! They also have a selection of reduced items online HERE. Here's what I picked up.

Hawaiian Shirt (£4.00)
The shirts at Asda are usually £7.00, which is amazing value for money anyway, but getting this one at such a low price was even better!  I love the denim detail on the sleeves, collar and pocket.

2 pack T-Shirts (£3.00)
You can never have enough simple short sleeve t-shirts for boys. Fact! :)

2 Pack T-Shirts (£3.00)
More simple t-shirts. I adore the mint green one with buttons and a cute pocket!

Cuffed & Ribbed Jeans (£5.00)
I prefer cuffed trousers (or shorts) for Zac. This way, he won't be dragging them across the ground in the park :) haha. The waist is a bit too big for him at the moment, but he will be able to wear these in Autumn/Winter.

Hoodies (£4.00 each)
I have almost every single colour/design of these already, but for £4.00, I just couldn't resist getting more! The quilted orange one feels like a designer item - seriously! It is incredible! The navy one with brown shoulder pads is more simple, but still cute! Zipped hoodies are essential for active toddlers in my opinion.

Do you buy clothes for your baby/toddler/kid in Asda?  I absolutely love it, especially when they have a sale on :) 

PS.I took some photos of Zachary, wearing one of the items from this haul, so keep your eyes peeled for a Summer OOTD :) 

Have a lovely Sunday!

Sandra xo

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  1. I love a good George sale, I picked up the hoodies in my local one and some bigger size clothes for my baby twins. I love the Hawaiian shirt, such great value. I'll look forward to your summer OOTD xx


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