Monday, 19 May 2014

Win a £100 John Lewis Voucher with Compare The Market

Hi everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. I have a very exciting competition for you today in collaboration with Compare The Market (see it here) and my good friend Aleksandr Orlov, who kindly offered my readers a chance to win £100 worth of John Lewis vouchers! To enter, simply fill in the rafflecopter widget below, but first, let's talk about home insurance. 

When I rented my first flat at the age of 19, I didn't own anything valuable, so I didn't even enquire about contents insurance. I then moved to another country, with just one suitcase, so my second flat didn't need insurance either. I am sure that most young people don't even think about it.

When you finally start investing your hard earned pennies into fancy TV's, cinema systems and in case of most bloggers - pretty expensive camera equipment etc, you simply have to get contents insurance. It's not that expensive (around £50 per year for a 2 bedroom house) and you can pay it monthly. It is even more important to insure the contents of your home, if you go on holidays etc. Just imagine how you would feel, if you came back from abroad and all your stuff was gone? What would you do? I would have to live without TV's, computers etc for months, because I am not fortunate enough to have savings or rich parents...  

Getting a quote is very simple and with comparison sites, like comparethemarket, you know that you will get the best offer on the market and... a cute little meerkat toy. Who doesn't love meerkats? It takes about 15 minutes to fill in all the details and you are done. The best bit - it will only costs a couple of pounds a month. I expected it to cost much more to be honest.

Let me know what you think about contents insurance. Is it worth it? Do you buy it every year?

*competition sponsored by Compare The Market



  1. Amazing giveaway! Plus it spurred me on to finally get a quote for house insurance haha!

  2. If I can ever afford to get a place with my boyfriend then I will definitely be interested in getting insurance for all my valuables. I think compare the market is a great idea, it's always important to get the best deal (: xx

  3. The selfies are so cute! We've always had house insurance, the peace of mind is something you cannot buy!


  4. When I move out I will definitely look into getting insurance as I have pieces I have saved for that I would hate to lose and not be able to replace.

  5. I've just totted up the price of my bedroom alone and was shocked, since I'm looking st buying a house this year I didn't even think of contents insurance! Even if I only have to use it because the cat I don't yet have has knocked my TV over and broke it it's paid for itself straight away!

  6. Hey, Great competition!

    Its so important to have your goods insured! I just lost my phone today and I've not left the house and i'm also not insured! I learned the hard way.


  7. I'm a student and have bought student contents insurance every day - yes it may cost me around £100 a year, but its so worth it! I know of many people who had break-ins on and off campus and weren't able to replace the items - plus it covers breakages and loss, so I managed to get my phone replaced last year.

    I'd definitely always get contents insurance - just totting up the value of my clothes/makeup makes me realise what I'd lose if there was a fire etc! x

  8. Great giveaway. We have home & contents insurance. With all the technology that we have in our house we would be stupid not to have it! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  9. Always something I need to do -oooops-

  10. This is a really fantastic giveaway and very helpful too.

    Ila x


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