Thursday, 29 May 2014

What My Toddler Eats: Nakd bars & Mixed Seed Bars

I must admit, food related posts are usually my favourite reads, especially when it comes to healthy options for toddlers. Zachary is quite fussy with food (like most kids) and he would happily play all day without asking about food. Obviously, I don't wait for him to tell me that he is hungry, but... I have to constantly ask him if he wants a snack, drink etc and making him eat a full meal is a struggle most of the time. I will be featuring daily 'toddler food diaries' in the future, but today I would like to tell you about Zachary's favourite snacks: Nakd bars. 

He east 1 or 2 Nakd bars a day and I have no idea what I would do without them! The only fruit he likes at the moment are apples, pears and blueberries, so these are a perfect way to add extra 5 A DAY to his diet. One bar is an adult portion, which means that it is probably 2 of his 5 A DAY per bar. I still count it as one though, because it makes me put even more effort into adding fresh fruit and veg to his diet.

There are absolutely no nasties in Nakd bars and you can get them in most supermarkets for 60-99p. I usually stock up on them when they are on offer in asda for 50p, or I but them in bulk on Amazon. There are many flavours available, but I only buy three: 

 Cocoa Orange - it has a chocolate flavour and Zac actually calls it chocolate!

 Berry Delight - slightly fruity and sweet, you can mostly taste dates and nuts.

Cashew Cookie- more nutty than the other two and less sweet, but AMAZING!

Zachary eats one of the bars with his breakfast every single day and another one as a snack during the day (on most days). They contain around 150 calories per bar and they are 100% vegan. Amazing! I also like Pecan Pie, but my local supermarkets don't stock it. The banana and strawberry ones are too dry for both me and Zac.

Sometimes I also buy the 9 Bar Flax Mixed Seed Bars (£0.99), but Zachary doesn't love them as much as he loves Nakd bars. I usually give him 1/2 of the bar, because they require a lot of chewing. One bar contains 210 calories, but these aren't 100% clean so I only buy them occasionally. 

PS. You can make  date and nut bars yourself and I do it sometimes, but it requires a lot of effort, as the dates are very hard to blend and stick to the walls of the blender terribly.

Does your toddler eat Nakd bars? Me and Zac cannot live without them!

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