Sunday, 13 April 2014

Date Night: Jamie's Italian Glasgow

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. If you read my blog regularly, you will know, that me and my husband very rarely go out for meals, unless it is a special occasion, like our wedding anniversary etc. With my husband working long hours and weekends, me juggling looking after an active toddler, housework and work, I don't even think about 'date nights' anymore. Thankfully, I was offered a chance to take part in a really cool campaign by bwin and I finally managed to arrange something more romantic then a lunch in Frankie & Benny's with our little boy :) haha.

The idea behind the campaign is to show football obsessed guys (or ladies) what they're missing when they are spending their time watching football. My take on it is totally different though, because... my husband hates football! YAY! I can't even explain how happy this makes me! There is nothing wrong with being a football fan (unless it is extreme), but if your partner is into 'footy', be prepared to become a 'grass widow' during the World Cup this year...

Personally, I would rather go out to a nice restaurant, go to the cinema or cook a romantic meal and watch a movie, than spend time watching 22 guys chase a ball... It's just my opinion though :)

I couldn't say no to this opportunity, so we decided to see 'Noah' in the cinema and book a table at Jamie's Italian in Glasgow. I am happy to report, that we had an amazing evening! The film itself was a bit of a letdown, but we ended up crying with laughter, because of something really silly. I was ready to leave the cinema, because I couldn't breathe and people were staring at us. My thoughts on Noah: slightly disappointing and very sci-fi  :) haha. I usually like Darren Aronofsky's films, but it was like watching a biblical version of transformers :) oh... 

After the cinema, we went to Jamie's Italian - the most exciting part of the evening. We just looooove food! The restaurant was lovely, the service was spot-on and the whole experience was very nice. I expected a bit more from the food, but it was yummy and made with fresh, good quality ingredients :) 

We started with virgin ginger mojitos, as we don't really drink alcohol. They were delicious. I will be making them at home with mint, lime, brown sugar & ginger.

For the starters, we ordered the Vegetable Plank to share (I ate most of it) and Scott got the Baked Chestnut Mushrooms. I won't be ordering the plank again (slightly too oily), but it was nice, especially the mini bruschetta with sundried tomatoes (?). Scott's starter was much better than mine (see below) and I will be recreating it at home.

For the main, I ordered the Baked Shetland Salmon with ricotta, a side of balsamic roasted veggies, and a crunchy salad. The mint in the salad was a really nice twist and the salmon was cooked to perfection. It was really nice, but I expected all of it to have more flavour. Also, my portion was quite small...

Scott had the Jamie's Italian Burger, which 'was nice, but lacked seasoning and apparently it was very awkward to eat'. The chips had to be ordered as an extra and for some reason there was no sauce on the burger, which made the whole thing a bit dry. (Scott's opinion - I haven't tried it)

We also ordered the 'Funky Chips' to share and they were awesome :) 

My dessert was the 'Epic Brownie' - a fudgy brownie with amaretto ice cream & caramelised amaretti popcorn. Really nice, but I should have asked for vanilla ice cream instead of amaretto.

Scott was in a bit of a pickle with the dessert, because most of the options contain alcohol or coffee, which he hates. He settled on caramel  and vanilla ice cream with smashed honeycomb and butterscotch sauce :) Yum!

We also ordered warm drinks. Scott went for hot chocolate (big baby!) and I got a latte. OMG - it was soooo yummy! The best latte I have ever tasted!

Overall, we had a fantastic afternoon/evening and it made me realise that we should be doing 'date nights' more often. I am seriously obsessed with my son and I never let anybody watch him or take him anywhere without me, but... I think I have to get used to being apart, because he will be starting nursery when he turns 3 (maybe 4). We will see. I would like to make date nights a regular thing and maybe a regular feature on the blog as well. What do you think?

Back to the whole point of the campaign... Will you be a 'grass widow' this summer? Do you have anything cool planned  without your partner, while he is watching football? Or... would you rather spend quality time with him? You already know my answer :)

*cinema tickets and meal c/o bwin

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