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Our trips to Edinburgh and a little vlog :)

When you have a toddler, travelling and or going out for meals requires a lot of planning and spontaneous trips or romantic weekends away quickly become a distant memory. We haven't been on holiday since September 2010 and the only trips we actually manage to do include zoos, activity centres and parks. Thankfully, Zachary is not a little baby anymore, so we started planning holidays and weekends away for summer 2014. Yay! We are going to Poland in May and to France in July, but I really want to explore Scotland more as well. Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in UK, but I only visited it twice and none of the visits went 100% according to plan :)

Our first trip to Edinburgh included all the touristy bits, starting with the Edinburgh castle. It is beautiful and always the no.1 destination for tourists. After seeing the castle, we decided to climb Arthur's Seat, the tallest of Edinburgh's seven hills. Oh my... it was exhausting but totally worth it, because the views from it are breathtaking. That's why I love Scotland so much - I even have a stunning mountain view from one of our bedrooms. Such a beautiful country! 

Our second trip to Edinburgh was last summer and we went to the Edinburgh Zoo with Zachary. I didn't expect it to be sooooo huge and not taking a pushchair was the biggest mistake ever. Zac loves walking, but we were there for 4 hours and it was simply too much for his little legs. We had to take turns and carry him half of the time, but we really enjoyed it anyway and seeing all the animals was very exciting for our curious toddler. Funny story- I nearly pooped my pants when I saw a monkey running towards me... It was small, but I wasn't expecting it. If you watch the full video, you can hear me panicking at the end :) I am laughing now, but I was terrified!

I was also amused by the tiniest creatures in the zoo- ants. They were walking on a thick rope above our heads on and you can see it in the video below as well. So cool!

I hope you like my first little vlog. It is a private family video, but it was very relevant, so I decided to include it :)

Our next trip to Edinburgh will definitely be a weekend break, possibly without Zachary (if I can handle being away from him for more than a couple of hours) and I would like to go to some lovely restaurants, or places I wouldn't visit with a child. I know that the atmosphere in Edinburgh is perfect for romantic date nights and getaways and there also some great designer shops, if you fancy a bit of Louis Vuitton etc. I don't know about you, but I am always in a 'spending mood' when I visit new cities...

If you stay in Edinburgh, or visited it many times, let me know what restaurants I should check out. I am open to all suggestions, as I am not vegetarian anymore and I would love to try a nice burger or steak... :)

If you ever decide to book a hotel in Edinburgh to explore the city during a short (or long) break, you can find some great deals here:

*this post includes a sponsored link, but I really wanted to share some Edinburgh memories :)



  1. I love Edinburgh - me and my boyfriend visited for our first holiday together last year for the Fringe, and desperately want to go back as soon as we can afford it. Your photos brought back lots of memories! x

  2. I love that you love my country, and my fav city!

    You cannot go wrong with George St for cocktails and places to eat! Check out Tempus, The Dome and Living Rooms. You also have some epic drinking places such as candy bar and Tigerlily, it's where a lot of different people go to drink so always a good atmosphere :)

    I'm hitting up Edi for the weekend next weekend and I can't wait! It is one of my favourite places in the world.

    PS: Hit up Space NK on George St ;)



    1. I really, really do :) Scotland is absolutely beautiful!

      Thank you for your recommendations x

  3. I love Edinburgh! I got back last night from an overnight stay there. I currently have sore legs from walking up and down the hills around the city centre never mind going up Arthur's seat!

    1. Oh yes, my legs were sore too, but it was totally worth it :) x

  4. Do you realise how envious I am right now? I wish I could be in Edinburgh... Like, for a loooong time. I am so fed up with Southern Portugal... And I love the shades of green and grey you captured in such beautiful photographs! Are people welcoming over there? Also, is it alright to walk on foot instead of taking a bus all the time? Is it an expensive city? Forgive so many questions :x Loved this post!^^ xx

    1. Scottish people are really, really nice. My husband is Scottish and everyone is always pleasantly surprised to see how polite and helpful he is :) We went in car on both occasions, parked in city center and walked everywhere, so I think it is ok to walk everywhere. I am not sure about prices, but everywhere in UK is more expensive than what I was used to in continental Europe. Much cheaper than London though :)

  5. I live in Edinburgh and have so for almost a year now and I really do feel so lucky when I amble down Prince's street or across the meadows because it's such a beautiful city to just roam around in. As for restaurants, Bonsai has AMAZING sushi and japanese dishes but if it's a burger you're after, Bell's diner in stockbridge have world famous (ok maybe just soctland famous) burgers and it's a nice, cozy little place. I would recommend booking in advance though because they are always booked up.

    1. Thank you so much for all the recommendations. I love sushi and I really want to try a good burger :) xo

  6. I would love to go to Edinburg! I wanted to go last year September, I am not still sure about the weather. I love your photos! AMAZING!

  7. I went to Edinburgh yeeeaaaars ago as a child and my dad wouldn't visit the castle or any of the beautiful places you've seen because he thought it was too touristic. I can't wait to go back and visit everything properly!

    xx Anine

  8. Edinburgh looks beautiful. I am planning to go there over the summer for a quick trip.

    Biancarosa // xoxo

  9. I've lived in Edinburgh all my life, so loved reading this post :)
    I'd definitely recommend 56 North for food, and as another comment said George St cocktails! But if its a burger you are after, Holyrood 9A has to be the best the burgers are insane! :D x


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