Monday, 3 February 2014

Michael Kors Sporty Bronze Powder - Glow

When it comes to makeup, I am usually drawn to pretty packaging, even when I already own about 10 alternatives of the actual product :) haha. The formula is very important too (obviously), but with the Michael Kors bronzers, I couldn't stop staring at the gold packaging and after looking at swatches, I decided to go for 'Glow'- the lightest from all the shades.

Just like I said, the packaging of the Michael Kors bronzers is lovely and very glam. The product is housed in a gold case, with classy engraving and four studs on the front. It is worth mentioning though, that the case isn't actually metal, but plastic. It still feels and looks very luxurious, but it could be a little bit disappointing for some. 

'Glow' is a stunning medium brown/beige shade, perfect for paler skintones, but it also goes with my slightly darker complexion. There is a little bit of golden shimmer mixed into the matte colour, but it doesn't really transfer onto the skin and gives a very nice, glowy finish. I can't really see orange undertones in this shade, so I can use it for bronzing and subtle contouring. Perfect. The formula is finely milled, lightweight and easy to blend. It lasts on my skin really well and I don't need a touch up all day. I always wear a primer though, so it definitely prolongs wear as well. 

Overall, I love the packaging and the formula of the Michael Kors Sporty Bronzer and I think I might treat myself to some more products from the range. They all look sooo pretty!

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  1. wow the packaging is stunning! x

  2. I bought my sister this for her birthday last weekend, and I'm wishing I'd picked one up for myself, it just looks so beautiful! x

    Beth Tinkerbell

  3. That really is beautiful! The packaging is gorgeous and the bronzer doesn't look too dark, and not at all orangey :)


  4. i really want this bronzer looks lovely x

  5. This looks more than stunning, everything about it is beautiful x

  6. This is my fave of the three shades :)

  7. I enjoyed swatching these in the airport :) I quite like the sporty way they've marketed the range!


  8. Yeah I had this problem when I reviewed one of the lipglosses a while back; was so disappointed that the packaging was plastic as it took away a bit of the luxury" of it! This bronzer looks gorgeous though!

  9. That looks like such a perfect shade for a bronzer.. the packaging is soooo stunning too <3 xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  10. Expensive but looks delightful!!

    恵美より ♥

  11. Love how luxurious this packaging is and how stunning the formula seems (:

  12. The swatches are so beautiful! Thank you so much!
    I'll take this one!)


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