Thursday, 30 January 2014

Weight Loss & Fitness Update

I thought I should update you all on my weight loss 'progress' after a long break. First of all...I can't believe it is now the end of January and I still haven't lost those 'Christmas pounds' despite exercising and eating healthy. Don't worry, I am not going to moan too much :) I just need more motivation. The fact that we are going on holiday in July should be enough to make me exercise more, but I am sick of doing the same routines and using my bike. I have to switch it up a bit. I apologise in advance,  if the post turns into a ramble :)

1. I ordered a Blogilates journal recently and started writing down everything I eat  + exercise, sleep, water intake etc... It is a 12 week journal, perfect for those who need help to stay on track. I wish it was a 52 week journal to be honest, but I am glad I got it anyway. Putting my 'before' picture on one of the pages was a scary moment, but I am hoping to see some progress after 12 weeks of regular workouts.

You can buy the journal here for $30.00 (the delivery takes about 2 weeks). It is overpriced... I know :/

2. I have been drinking a lot of green tea and my favourite way to have it is with ice. I put one teabag of Lemon flavoured Green Tea into a 500ml shaker, add 100ml of boiling water and let it brew for a minute. After removing the tea bag, I add some ice and cold water. Surprisingly, the flavour is very delicate and I really enjoy it. If you are not a fan of normal green tea, try having the flavoured options served as ice tea. Yummy!

Speaking of drinks...I am planning to buy a juicer soon and I have my eye on the Phillips HR1861 from amazon. I can't believe how expensive juicers are, but this one seems like a bargain and does fruit and veggies.

3. With my blogilates journal, I received a free 12 week meal plan and it included a lot of Quinoa. I ordered it on amazon (you can buy it in a supermarkets as well) and I became obsessed with it pretty quickly. It is sooo yummy! It is actually a seed, not a grain, but it is prepared like couscous and rice. It is full of protein, really good for your body and very yummy. 

4. Speaking of the meal plan.... I am not good at following any plans and after being frustrated about not being able to get my hands on Edamame beans, I gave up. I just check my meal plan to see, if I can get some inspiration for new recipes etc, but I prefer my own dishes and a more varied 'clean' diet to be honest. Would you be able to stick to a meal plan? I just can't do it.

5. I have been doing my usual exercises, mostly using my stationary bike and adding some cardio routines, like Blogilates  or Tone It Up. My favourite is still the Gangnam Style routine, but I have been loving the Pop Kicks as well. Ouch, my legs were so sore after my first try...

The watch I use is a Polar FT4 and you can buy it here (argos), here (ebay).

6. Just like I said, I am a bit bored with doing the same stuff, so I am planning to order a kettlebell set next week to switch things up a bit. I remember Andy (aka Pampered Prince) recommending kettlebell workouts to me and I think I will really enjoy it. I found this set under £50 and it looks perfect. Let me know, if you know about any cheaper ones. 

I must admit, losing weight isn't easy and I have been really emotional and hormonal recently, so I haven't lost a single pound. Well... I did, but I put it back on. So annoying. I am not planning to give up though. I have my holiday to look forward to and I want to feel comfortable on the beach. I am not obsessed with the perfect bikini body and I think that plus size girls can look just as good in swimwear, but I personally don't feel confident enough to rock a bikini etc..

Sooo... On a happier note... I am not even thinking about quitting, but I am taking things slowly, setting myself smaller goals. After all, I already lost over 2 st which is a great achievement. I was getting close to the 3st mark In Nov/Dec, but just like I said, I put some weight back on so my total loss at the moment is about 2,5 st.  To keep myself a bit more motivated, I like to try on certain clothes to see my progress. I recently tried on a top I used to wear as a tight vest and it is loose, so I am definitely doing something right. It is just hard to stay positive, when you work your butt off and the scales show no difference. Unfortunately, in my case I have to see results on the scales, because the number is way too high. It's actually ridiculous...

Sorry for such a ramble, but I really wanted to share my thoughts :) Are you on a weight loss journey? Do you get really upset when you hit a plateau or put some weight  back on? What are your favourite 'at home' workouts?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Liza :) Oh yes, it doesn't really feel like a workout until you realise that you are out of breath :) haha

  2. I'm on a weight loss journey too. I weigh twelve stone at the moment, and am just trying to ease myself back into the healthy category for my BMI. I'd be happy losing a stone as I can't remember myself ever weighing any less than this, and can't imagine the change in my body at all. I've recently started back at the gym for regular classes, and am looking forward to seeing results. But one thing I have to keep telling myself is that muscle weighs more than fat, so I'm trying not to rely too much on the scales but want to measure my body in inches instead!

    I'm definitely going to have a look at the Blogilates planner! Seems such a good idea, or I'll make my own! :) Keep going! :)

    1. Oh, I remember the days when I was 12 stone and I wasn't happy. I kept pushing myself to lose more weight and once I was down to 10st, I wasn't happy either, so it just shows that the number on the scales doesn't really mean anything in some cases.

      You shouldn't really worry about the number on the scales anymore and focus on the inches. It's definitely the best thing to do, if you are slightly overweight and want to get back into shape and feel better :) Good luck with the classes at the gym.

      Thank you lovely :) x

  3. Stay motivated girl, you can do it! :) Good luck with your weightloss

    Stella | Electrik Flowers

  4. I agree with you, losing weight is not easy. i didnt lose any weight in january too :(

  5. Great post, that blogilates journal looks amazing! I really want to try kettlebells this year too ;)

    Sophie x

  6. I've not lost my Christmas pounds either! So unmotivated because I haven't been back at university and not having a routine really messes up my motivation! But back on Monday and going to Mexico end of May so hopefully give myself a kick up the backside! Good luck :) if you want an online motivating buddy tweet me! @indiabenjamin xx

  7. All this food looks super scrummy! Dying to try it! Really trying to shift the pounds after some over indulgence and dropping my training. I miss kettle bells. I always try and remind myself "I'm stronger than my excuses." xx

  8. Thank you for sharing this post, I look forward to hearing about your updates and your progress. Even if you haven't always come as far as you've wanted to atleast you're moving in the right direction! I feel really inspired by you and your efforts (making me feel guilty because I've been slacking with the workouts) but I really love it when you put your meal pictures up on Instagram because most of the time I make a note of them and try them out for myself tehe. I look forward to the day you release your recipe book ;) Keep it up girl! xx

  9. That Gangnam style workout is hilarious! Will definitely be doing that just for the giggles. I've been doing Results with Lucy for a few months now and find it really, really good. I'll be doing a post about it on my blog soon. There's a huge variety and watching Lucy (Meck from Towie) is really inspiring in itself. You should check it out.

    Hayley x

  10. I would really recommend combining cardio and weights - along the lines of the 30 day shred. Cardio alone will do very very little unless you go at it for hours. Also I got my weights ( a set of 6 ) from Argos for £10!

    Keep at it, and bear in mind that you shouldn't necessarily base everything on the scales.. muscle weights more than fat!

    I have a 'skinny dress' that I use as my barometer.

    Best of luck!

    Georgina at

  11. Good luck with your journey! Agree with Sandra in not focusing too much about the scales - if you are using standard scales they would not give the full story because if your top is loose it could mean you have lost fat but gained muscle which is great! Edamame beans you can buy if you have an Asian/oriental supermarket near you as they usually sell them in the frozen section. Also some Waitrose and larger Sainsburys sell frozen Birds Eye Soya Beans (which I think are similar to Edamame).

  12. I find your weight loss journey really motivational! You put a real effort into everything that you eat and all your meals always look really delicious! I really hope you get to a weight you feel comfortable in. You're losing weight in such a healthy way its a really great inspiration :).


  13. Good on you for keeping at it! The food you've been making looks yummy - I love quinoa as well. The Food Doctor does amazing pots where it's all prepared and all you do is add water - so amazing for lunches.
    As for the exercise it's all about finding something you enjoy. I used to do running and found it boring, so switched up to things like the 30 Day Shred, I don't know if you've tried that? But it's amazing and really helps you lose weight. Yoga is also great for days when you want a slower pace.

    Good luck on the rest of your weight loss and fitness journey! :)

    Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger

  14. Try shaking up your diet and have a cheat day each week to kick up your metabolism, remember that muscle weights more than fat. I started going to the gym and the scales didn't move for the first few weeks and now they've started to move. You don't want to lose loads quickly anyway as you are more likely to put it back on. Slow and steady! xx

  15. I have the Blogilates Journal and I have started following the Vegan Meal Plan (switching some of it up with some of the vegetarian meals in the regular one, as this one has too much of tofu and tempeh) 3 weeks ago. I am doing the Blogilates Beginners WO calendar as I haven't been too active before, apart from water exercises 3 times a week for the past few months. I do hear you on feeling bad about not seeing the does feel right and it does feel better to be eating clean and exercising daily, but come on...if it was almost anybody else in my place, they'd have lost considerable amount so far! I am gonna stick on doing it, simply because I have come to a point where I think it can't go on like this any further, but I desperately need to see a change soon!

  16. its so good to read posts like this and know people are in the same boat, i also am on a lets get fitter and lose weight so far i have lost 8.5lbs.. after 3 weeks i think I'm not craving as much rubbish food but I'm also getting bored of what i am eating a little bit...
    I'm following slimming world and is been great its not like a regular diet i feel like its a lifestyle change for me! i feel the main things that help weight loss is fish and fruit.
    you just have to keep going and believe in yourself :D
    you will do great xx

  17. lovely post, keep up the hard work! xxxxx

  18. Such a great post, very motivating! The beet salad looks delicious! Going to have to make it tomorrow! Thank you for sharing! x S.


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