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My thoughts on Protein Powders

If you follow me on instagram, you might have noticed that I add protein powders to some of my foods, especially pancakes and smoothies. I was introduced to protein powders as a vegetarian, when I was struggling to include enough protein in my diet and I still use them in some of my recipes as an extra source of protein (as an ex-vegetarian who doesn't really eat a lot of meat).

I remember buying protein powders in selected stores for body builders or fitness fanatics, but they quickly became a very popular nutritional supplement, so you can now get them in health stores or even in some supermarkets.  The most popular ones are whey and soy. From my experience whey protein powders taste much better, are easier to dissolve in water and make my smoothies super creamy! You can also choose from many different flavours or go for an unflavoured option. Longs they have no artificial sweeteners in them, I am happy to add them to my food.

Remember, that a normal person doesn't need as much protein as an athlete. For example, if someone is training for a marathon, they might need special running supplements and they will choose more expensive protein powders with a slightly different formula. They will probably drink protein shakes before and after workouts, eat a lot of meat, fish and egg whites.  I am not an athlete, so I don't have a specific meal plan etc, but I exercise regularly to keep fit and to lose some weight. I only add protein powders to my food a couple of times a week/month, especially if I had a break from exercise and I know that my muscles will need extra protein to recover. I very rarely drink actual protein shakes, but I add a scoop of whey protein powder to my banana pancake mix, omelettes or fruit smoothies. That's it really. I always feel very full if I had a meal with extra protein in it, so it really helps when I want to avoid snacking and overeating. 

You can definitely get all the protein you need from normal food, but I really struggle to do it because I don't eat a lot of meat. That's why I add protein powders to my food. It is very important to get supplements from a source you can trust and get advice from a nutritionist or a dietician, especially if you are serious about a strict fitness regime or don't have a clue where to start with your diet. 

 Overall, I think that using protein powders in moderation is perfectly fine, longs you use clean formulas, without artificial sweeteners and unnecessary additives. What are your thoughts?

PS. The pancakes on the photo above are made with 1 scoop of whey protein, 1 egg, 50ml of almond milk, teaspoon of honey and some blueberries. I fry them in coconut oil until golden brown and they taste amazing! You can add your choice of toppings :) Yum!



  1. those pancakes look very yummy , a clever idea to get protein :)
    Melissa x

  2. i love protein pancakes! i use brown rice protein because it's clean & gentle on my stomach. i recently heard that almond breeze contains carrageenan though so have switched to alpro unsweetened almond milk xx

  3. Love the idea of using protein powder in pancakes - they look like such a yummy meal x

  4. I love the idea of using protein powder in pancakes - these look like such a yummy meal x

  5. I love protein shakes; I used to use them after working out and I would drink one for breakfast but using it in food is a new one for me! The pancakes looks yummy and i'll definitely be using this recipe in the future; great post love!

    Steph xx

  6. I had some tests last year and was told I was deficient in protein as I hardly eat meat. I upped my intake of pulses and it has improved, but maybe a smoothie with this once or twice a week would help xx

  7. I do the same thing, as a veggie I don't get much protein, I'm not under by loads but I wanted to increase it when I started to lift weights and work out more, I needed to eat back some of the exercise calories to keep my weight loss steady and decided to do it with basic, plain impact whey protein. I also found myself adding it to other food, It really works well in cauliflower cheese. I much prefer the plain as every flavoured version I've tried has been way too sweet, I think unflavoured is tasty just to drink on its own.

    Those pancakes look amazing, I think I'll have to give them a go.

    Sharon xx
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  8. I'd never thought of adding it to omelettes or pancakes, I might try it!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic

  9. As someone who lifts and runs a lot - or try to - I absolutely believe the power of protein. But you are right. A clean formula is what everyone should opt for. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think you should share the pancake recipe in a future post. They look delicious.
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