Saturday, 14 December 2013

Keeping warm in winter

Cold winters usually make a big dent in my bank balance and I am always scared to look at our heating bills in A/W. It wasn't a big problem when we were renting a one bedroom flat, but as soon as we moved to an actual house with more bedrooms, our first winter gas (and electricity) bill nearly gave me a heart attack!

We have tried many tricks to stop using too much gas, but the best thing to do is to simply set the thermostat to the right temperature - depending on your personal preference, the ideal number is between 18 and 20 degrees. I personally prefer it at 18 degrees, but my husband always turns it up to 20-22 when he is back from work. One thing I am not sure about is turning the heating off  at night, so I just set the thermostat to 15 degrees. I always get a better sleep in cooler temperatures, so it works  well for me.

I recently stumbled across Heatmiser Thermostats and I really wish I could get one of their Netmonitors.  They work similar to your normal thermostat, but... you can control them online through a browser or and app and change the temperature or switch your heating and hot water on/off when you are not home. This solution would be perfect, when we are out all day and don't want to come back to a freezing cold house. I will definitely invest in a clever little device like the Heatmiser Netmonitor, once we start building our own house. For now, we have to deal with an old boiler and a unreliable thermostat in the house we are renting.

After seeing our 2K bill last winter, I am trying my best to keep warm by wearing more layers, wrapping up in blankets and drinking loads of hot chocolate :) haha.

Just out of curiosity, are you one of those people who always turn the heating up? ;)

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