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Guest post: The Top 7 sunglasses to ask for this Christmas

Hi everyone. Today I have a guest post for you, written by  - fashion editor at Sunglasses Shop. I will be guest posting on the Sunglasses Shop's blog soon as well and we are planning a Ray Ban giveaway for next week, so keep your eyes peeled :)

The Top 7 sunglasses to ask for this Christmas… 

"Dear Black Pearl Blog readers, here is my edit of the hottest new season sunglasses to ask for this Christmas. You may be jetting off, but for those of you that aren’t there are many more bright winter days than we tend to remember. So you probably won’t even need to wait to wear them... 

 Miu Miu 03PS 
The jewels Miu Miu 03PS continues on from the Noir sunglasses that debuted on the AW11 catwalk. The shape is superb; the sunglasses equivalent of a smoky eye. From the ‘Glow’ family of sunglasses the new model is inspired by the brand’s coveted jewellery and features crystal d├ęcor at the hinge. It’s an unmatched blend of contemporary and old school glam. Prizing open the plush off-pink velvet Miu Miu case feels like unwrapping every time.

Stella McCartney 4048 
The tortoiseshell twist Stella McCartney’s sunglasses are also in line with her strong eco credentials. They are made from 50% natural and renewable materials. Pink is a big colour for the season. The likes of Laura Bailey and Alexa Chung have been wearing pink sunglasses beautifully for a while. It’s a great investment colour at this time of year keeping its class all year round. With this petite wayfarer pink is easy to contemplate as it’s cut with a mixture of darker tones. A great contemporary update on tortoise it gets a modern luxe twist with gold metal temples. I can see these textures as part of a glorious luxe layering up of leather and fur. Repeating that sleek modern metal in your look is a must too.

Ray-Ban 3016 
The updated icon Ever wanted to wear Ray-Ban’s iconic 3016 Clubmaster but were put off by blending in with the rest? The new coloured lenses from the Legends collection allows you to stand out again in this essential style. And with more trendy pink it’s a no brainer. The frame is matte too, giving you another cool update while you’re at it. And finally sealing the deal is the polarisation. Coloured lenses are rarely polarised. Take advantage before the rest catch on. Get an instant catwalk look by colour-matching the lenses with your wardrobe. 

Celine Audrey
The new go-to The collectible Celine Audrey is now in this new fabulous lipstick red. All colour in the eyewear collection has its origins on the Celine catwalk and flashes of red are a Phoebe Philo favorite. It’s a great all year round colour and it looks ultra modern worn with pink. With the same fine craftsmanship as the coveted ready- to-wear Celine sunglasses are handcrafted from fine grade acetate. And you can feel the quality. Warm to handle and wear the Celine frame is satisfying substantial. There are seven joints in the hinges. The shape bears more than a little resemblance to Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s frame and is thus ridiculously flattering. 

DKNY 4109 
The print Every girl should have a cat eye…or five. With modern ladylike looks a focus of designers such as Gucci, Tom Ford and Dior cat eyes ruled the AW13 runways. Leopard print was at Tom Ford, Burberry, Saint Laurent. DKNY’s has also made its mark on the high street. What could be a more fitting combination? This is an excellently priced cat from the new DKNY collection. We have seen a lot of leopard printed frames over the years and it’s not always brought to the frame well. Here it’s layered over crystal colour the leopard given a real premium look.

Chanel Prestige 
The limits of luxury Once a year Chanel produces its most extravagant eyewear collection; Prestige. This season the theme is Black and Gold. Superstitious Coco Chanel was born in the sign of Leo the sign ruled by the Sun. She surrounded herself with gold like a talisman. Black provided the ultimate backdrop. In this incarnation galuchat (ray leather) comes to the temples. It’s a rare unique sheen with an exquisite granular texture. Its edged in gold metal with a matching CC logo. The frame is also polarised giving you uninterrupted glory in the sunshine.

Dior Audacieuse 1 
The wild card From the Dior AW13 ready-to-wear show the Audacieuse 1 is a couture sunglass. It’s the perfect expression of Raf Simon’s ultra clean sometimes futuristic take on Dior. One of the only brands we have seen to be bold enough to produce asymmetrical frames this features contrast colour in enamel (applied by hand), texture and detail on either side of the frame. Wild winged lenses almost fly right off the frame. This is a piece to treasure but above all wear. Colour matching that blue is a must. (Sunglasses Shop offer free returns so you getting the right fit is easy)"

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  1. The Chanel ones are my favourite, closely followed by the RayBans x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. I wouldn't usually think of sunglasses for christmas but I love all of these! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  3. I love those first ones, they're just gorgeous!! Such a different shape to anything I already own x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  4. I love these sunglasses! But Oakley BECKON edition is fab!


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