Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Would you wear these? :)

I am pretty sure that big furry winter boots are not something everyone likes, but... we are meant to be getting a lot of snow this winter, so it might be a good idea to invest in super comfy winter footwear. I am planning to spend a lot of time outside with my baby boy and take advantage of proper winter weather, so a pair of Ecco Boots would come in handy.

Starting with the cheapest pair from the bunch- the Angara Boots in espresso colour are probably my favourite design and I wouldn't actually mind wearing them with skinny jeans or thick leggings and a parka jacket. Longs you style them right, you can still look quite stylish. Like all Ecco Boots, they feature Hydromax technology to make the boots water resistant and durable. The original price of this design is £145.00, but they are currently on offer for £89.99.

The black design I found on Bells Shoes website is slightly different, but they look sooo comfy. Just imagine playing in the snow wearing these. They are lined with artificial fur to keep your feet warm and the rubber soles are designed to prevent slipping and provide better traction.  There is nothing worse than falling on your bum on ice, right? ;)

The last design is probably my least favourite, but I quite like the colour. They also look more waterproof than the suede-like designs, but I am sure that you won't end up with wet feet with any of these.

Just like I said, I wouldn't consider these the most stylish shoes, but I bet that they are the most comfortable winter boots ever.  I always put comfort first and I would definitely wear these in the snow. What about you?

Ecco Angara  Espresso £89.99

Ecco Angara Black £110.00

Ecco Siberia Lite Camel £160.00
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  1. I love the third ones! Thankfully we don't (usually) get a lot of snow where I'm from but you never know!

  2. I would wear them if I lived in the North Pole!!

  3. I would definitely wear them, love the third pair the most x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  4. The last pair looks really sporty and would go great with blue skinny jeans! But I'd steer clear of black models, they look quite cheap I think because they get scruffy really fast (my friend has a pair). Where I live it so cold in the winter (i love!) but my feet are always like ice-cubes so a pair of those would definitely be helpful. xx

  5. I quite like all of these actually, they would look amazing in the snow... most snow boots can look ugly (the ones I have at the moment are hideous!) but these are really nice. They've predicted a really harsh winter so a pair of these could really come in handy!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  6. I've actually just bought myself a pair of snow boots (we're going skiing in Jan but they will also be great for walking to work in winter!)
    Not the nicest looking pair ever BUT they are going to stop me looking like a penguin on the ice lol
    If I had the money I would go for the Ecco Angara ones :-)

  7. I'm not a huge fan but I would wear the third pair.
    I tend to just wear wellies in the snow but these do look a lot more comfortable and warmer. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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